Life after CES 2017. Everything that happens next

2017 kicked off with the pinnacle of consumer technology shows, Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES) at Las Vegas. Companies from across the globe

Look Forward. Stay Connected.

Attendees are loving Navdy with HARMAN at AutomobiliD (during the North American International Auto Show). Here’s why.

The Sun Always Shines on OTA – Doesn’t it?


Isn’t Over-the-Air software update easy? I mean, really… what does it take? All you need is some place on the cloud you can load your new

HARMAN shines at TESTA 2016 by bringing home two awards for testing services


HARMAN also bagged the “The Best Automation Project – Functional” as a special commendation. The awards ceremony, held at Old

Autonomous driving demands a paradigm shift in HMI development


The following chart helps us to understand the role of HMI in facilitating driver engagement, car-to-driver communication and car-to-

OTA Update Solutions at Connected Car Conferences in Europe

The conferences will focus on the rise of the connected car in the automotive industry and will feature speakers and companies from around

Real-life Implementations of OTA Updates in the Automotive Industry

Based on our experience at HARMAN and with our customers, we can see that while software updates are first and foremost being deployed OTA

Three Ways In Which Wrong Use Of Analytics Could Harm Your Business


Analytics has become a powerful business tool today, but like any other tool, if it is misused, or not used to its full potential, the

Are You Ready For The Next Wave Of Disruption In Automotive Technology?


As a result, IoT/software enabled automotive have been hitting the road, and features like autonomous driving, faster, over-the-air

What works for mobile devices doesn’t with vehicles.


Today’s Connected Car relies on cloud-based software and services, for a reason.

For many years, the industry copied the