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Job Code Position Title Mandatory Skills Job Location
RR-18388 Audio DSP engineers , Audio Video, Audio/Video System development, Multimedia (Audio/Video) Bangalore Campus
PR-4217 Big Data Architect Architect Bangalore Campus
RR-19064 CM Engineer , Configuration Management Nizhny Novgorod
RR-17592 CPM NA: Media/Connectivity C/C++/java,Android,Framework Bangalore Campus
RR-18493 Engineer , Embedded Lodz
RR-18498 Functional Owner , CAN Lodz
RR-17645 Harman IDC: CoC Browser Embedded Linux,Operating System Embedded Bangalore Campus
RR-18503 Junior MMB integration , Build Engineer Lodz
RR-18384 ManScania-Navigation-Open , GOC Manager Bangalore Campus
RR-18750 Navigation Map Tester , Test Strategy and Planning Bangalore - Whitefield SEZ
RR-18080 OSS Designer , Telecom Experience Pune
NR-4827 Principle Engineer , Embedded Linux Detroit
RR-18597 Product Architect , Storage, C / C++ Pune
RR-17561 Product Manager HMI Suite Business Analyst,Functional Specifications,Product Manager,Requirement Management Nizhny Novgorod
RR-19068 Requirements Manager , Requirement Management Nizhny Novgorod
RR-19069 RTOS Developer , RTOS Nizhny Novgorod
RR-18454 Salesforce Developer , SQL, SFDC, Salesforce functional/technical, Apex Lodz
RR-19170 Senior Android SW developer , Java, Android Nizhny Novgorod
RR-18341 Senior Architect , Analytics , AWS Bangalore - Whitefield SEZ
RR-17618 Senior DSP Engineer ARM/DSP promgramming,embedded C/C++.,Audio/Video System development Lodz
RR-19206 Senior IT Engineer , Active Directory Nizhny Novgorod
RR-18699 Senior Java Developer , SQL, Java / J2EE, Hibernate, ESB Bangalore Campus
RR-18642 Senior Product Development , Java, Linux, Multithreading Pune
RR-15528 Senior Project Manager Project Management,Project Manager Lodz
RR-18427 Senior Salesforce Developer , SFDC, Salesforce functional/technical, Apex Lodz
RR-18487 Senior software engineer , CAN Lodz
RR-17590 Senior Software Engineer Embedded Linux,embedded C/C++.,Embedded Networking Lodz
RR-17589 Senior Software Engineer C/C++,RTOS Lodz
RR-18401 Senior Software Engineer , embedded C/C++. Lodz
RR-18839 Senior Software engineer Development , MQ Series Bangalore - Whitefield SEZ
RR-18619 Software Engineer , EJB, Java, JUnit, SQL, Web Services Pune
RR-18289 Software Engineer , embedded C/C++. Lodz
RR-18081 Solution Designer , J2EE, Telecom Domain Pune
RR-18428 Sowtware Developer , C++, embedded C/C++. Nizhny Novgorod
RR-19077 Sr Web Application Developer / Team Lead , .Net, JavaScript, C#.Net, Jquery/YUI/ExtJs, MS SQl, MVC, XHTML/CSS/jQuery Lodz
RR-18953 Sr. Developers , Android Nizhny Novgorod
RR-19214 Sr. Principle Architect , Dev on Embedded Linux Novi
RR-18751 SW Integrator , Build Engineer Bangalore - Whitefield SEZ
RR-19062 SW Test Engineer , manual testing & TC developmen Nizhny Novgorod
RR-18772 Tech lead , WindowsOS Bangalore Campus
NR-4221 Tech Lead C,C++,Embedded Linux,Linux Device Drivers Hyderabad, Bangalore
RR-18621 Tech Lead , EJB, Java, JUnit, SQL, OOPS, Web Services Pune
RR-18643 Technical Lead - Product Development , Java, Linux, Multithreading Pune
RR-18496 Test Architect , Functional Verification Lodz
RR-19143 Test Manager , Test Management London