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Improving an agricultural data tool

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Swedish car manufacturer increases their economy upscale with OTA update

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Could IoT be the driver for reimagining and revolutionizing patient care?

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Success stories of Connected Business transformation across industries

  • Microcontrollers for automotive with ethernet avb implementation

    Atmel was looking for a strong business partner to implement the software stack for their microcontrollers, help sell it to their customers in the automotive sector and handle direct customer engagements to provide customizations, enhancements and licensing to end-customers.

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  • For smarter, safer driver-vehicle interfaces

    For smarter, safer driver-vehicle interfaces

    Subaru wanted its customers to have a safe interface to interact with content in their vehicle. Without having to touch a smartphone, Subaru drivers are able to safely access content like nearby restaurants, fuel prices, music, podcasts and more.

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  • Re-designing agriculture data tool for better user experience

    Improving an agricultural data tool

    Re-architect the existing field tool to increase efficiency using digital mapping and provide continuity across devices.

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  • Increase productivity with BI data aggregation

    Big Data Aggregation and Reporting

    Increase productivity with BI data aggregation

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  • Make buildings more intelligent

    Make buildings more intelligent

    Our client wanted to deliver a world class “Connected” commercial real-estate solution to help them differentiate and transform their business.

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  • Connected Customer Experience

    How do you win back customer loyalty?

    A new connected customer experience for a large retailer using our omnichannel platform to drive shopper experience.

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  • Advanced infotainment for connected cars

    Advanced infotainment for connected cars

    Qualcomm is taking next-generation connectivity on the road, resulting in vehicles that are intelligent, more autonomous, cleaner and safer.

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  • Retrofitting OTA updates to existing cars

    Retrofitting OTA updates to existing cars

    Connected cars, with their software-rich head units and countless other software-driven components, can be a ripe target for potential hackers. Consequently, OEMs having to deal with cyberattacks and other potential security threats, typically have to do so via costly recalls, or cumbersome distribution of manual updates.

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  • e-commerce platform

    Building a one stop online destination Korea’s Favourite Brand

    We built a customizable, multi-lingual e-commerce platform for international retailers to launch their brands on GS Shop.

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  • A Road Map to Digital Transformation

    Adapting for the customer experience

    A multinational travel and tourism company had a vision to transition from its legacy ways of working and interacting with customers into a primarily digital one,

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  • High end connected car infotainment for telechips

    Telechips TCC893X-I, TCC897X-I System-on-Chip

    Telechips wanted to help automakers take driving to higher levels of safety and convenience by providing them with in-vehicle networking solutions with superior entertainment features.

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  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing Campaign for a Killer Product Launch

    Amplifying reach, post a rebranding initiative to generate market interest and increase overall engagement.

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  • Re-Designing Customer Engagement for Online Retailer

    Architecting a device-agnostic website experience for consistent brand experience and increase overall engagement.

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  • Improving navigation for connected car through OTA updates

    Improving navigation for Connected Car through OTA updates

    It’s pretty much common knowledge that a car navigation service is only as good as its map content accuracy. To provide drivers with ongoing value, OEMs must deliver increasingly bandwidth-intensive map, landmark and POI (Point Of Interest) updates, an effort made even more challenging by the need to ensure that only licensed and eligible users receive these updates.

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  • Managed updates through USB for non-connected cars

    Managed updates through USB for non-connected cars

    The OEM’s software-rich cars feature head units equipped with software for a range of in-vehicle components. These include head units themselves, rear-seat entertainment systems, rear-view cameras, audio and amplification components, and more. The cars are not, however, always equipped with cellular data connectivity, obligating the OEM to seek a specialized software update solution.

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  • IT-managed-dodge-data

    Getting ready for a Cloud First-Mobile First world

    Leading provider of data, analytics, news and intelligence for construction industry, transform its business for a Digital first world with HARMAN.

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