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Improving an agricultural data tool

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Swedish car manufacturer increases their economy upscale with OTA update

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Could IoT be the driver for reimagining and revolutionizing patient care?

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Success stories of Connected Business transformation across industries

  • Building the digital DNA

    Our client – a leading provider of a commercial suite of content management and community engagement applications – was looking to build a connected digital strategy to market their new cloud-based product series which help marketers deliver engaging and customer-centric web experiences.

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  • OTA update via smartphone partner app

    OTA update via Smartphone Partner App

    As the number of software-driven components in cars grows exponentially, so does the need to maintain these components and keep them constantly up-to-date. Given that not all cars are geared with the cellular connectivity required for OTA (Over-the-Air) software updating, this can at times be a major challenge, which is exactly the situation our customer, a renowned Japanese automotive OEM, had to handle.

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  • Optimizing Inventory efficiences with Over-the-Air update

    We’d like to share with you how one of our Japanese automotive industry customers is making the most of HARMAN OTA technology. I believe this unique, real-world use of our innovations may be of potential value to you, too.

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  • automotive increases their economy upscale with OTA update

    Swedish automotive increases their economy upscale with OTA update

    As the number of ECUs and other software-driven components embedded in vehicles increases, so does the amount of time and effort required to keep them constantly up-to-date. Owners, for example, are eligible for software updates throughout their warranty period, with dealerships handling flashing of new and improved software, and charging the automaker accordingly.

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  • OTA updates for ADAS-enabled connected cars

    OTA updates for ADAS-enabled connected cars

    The customer, a leading North American automotive OEM, offers select customers ADAS-enabled connected cars, equipped with cameras and radars capable of constantly maintaining safety distance and enabling emergency breaking, with full map awareness. The key challenge – to keep increasingly bandwidth intensive maps updated at all times, utilizing potentially costly cellular data connections.

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