Personalized Profitable Customer Experience

Retail. It's everywhere, always on and getting more complex by the day.
Today’s retailers face a complex marketplace propelled not only by technological advances, brand distinction, growing competition, price pressure, changing legislation, and lingering economic uncertainty—but also a new, more savvy consumer. Faced with rapidly eroding customer loyalty, retailers are scrambling to woo well-informed customers with innovative service offerings and personalized value deals.
"A lot of what brings customers into a store is digital, the days of having a single channel when consumers just come into a store are over. They want technology, expect technology and that becomes an important part of what we offer them." - Michael Comish, Director Digital Services, Tesco
HARMAN created a Unified customer view for their customer – a unifying omnichannel experience that’s mobile, social. The retailer was able to generate relevant insights that was vital to create a personalized experience for every customer.
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