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5 Meta Trends Reshaping our Markets in 2018

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Looking for a glimpse of what is to come? From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Internet of Things (IoT), and pervasive computing, emerging technology is shifting the foundation of an enterprise. Companies want to facilitate effective innovation - while supporting legacy systems.​

Becoming more innovative as a firm is undoubtedly challenging, but when done well, it is a game-changer for everything and everyone. If you are looking to unleash unprecedented potential, investing in technology platforms and building an intelligent enterprise is the way ahead.

I have often been asked if there is a way to drive business process innovation across a company? In this blog, I list out five meta-trends that are likely to form the basis of digitally innovative firms of the future. 

Artificial Intelligence Will Go Mainstream 

Even though there is a long way for AI to alter our business landscape, it is definitely making significant inroads. From data analytics to robotics, AI applications are focused on improving forecast accuracy, optimizing processes, automating routine tasks and much more. As AI grows, it will play a critical part in the evolutionary process of how people engage with solutions and platforms. 

An exciting development to look forward to will be the new User Interfaces (UI), which is basically 'no user interface.' Taking us beyond desktops/mobile touch-screen devices, AI will enhance how we interact with technology using our voice and will also move us from a reactive view of data to the predictive provision of insights. This will make our future interactions more human-like providing exciting new ways for companies to engage with employees and customers while creating new business opportunities. 

Data: A Catalyst for Growth

There is a massive amount of data being generated by IoT devices with the power to revolutionize businesses. Being able to use the right technology to mine the right insights will create untapped opportunities. Insights into products/services or any part of the operational processes like supply chain will help build personalized service offerings for customers, and provide better insights into market needs. 

Having an on-demand content strategy and infusing data-driven insights into business processes will let a business know how it is performing at the press of a button. Employing data analytics, enterprises can minimize information overload and easily put user-desired content at their fingertips. Data and predictive analytics will not only be a key driver of growth but will help you transition from data-generating to data-powered enterprise.

Connected Intelligence: Seamless Flow of Business

Pervasive computing that occurs on any device, anytime, anywhere will change the way businesses operate. Platforms or objects endowed with intelligence will allow services to work across various systems and environments. Converging the digital and physical worlds, innovative technologies will make industries such as manufacturing and retail more connected and responsive. The next-generation of flexible, connected systems will be capable of continually streaming data, learning and adapting to new demands. 

Workplaces will become increasingly smarter with applications such as intelligent search and voice-activated intelligent assistants. Refining and redefining existing technologies, autonomous technologies such as robotics, autonomous car, and smart city infrastructure will provide us with experiences that we have never known.

Hands-Free Access to Information

Cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) systems are extending reality and overlaying contextual information on devices. AR goes beyond existing communication tools and workflows by allowing experts to see beyond the parameters of the here and now. Businesses that quickly integrate these new technologies into their process and marketing plans will have the first-mover advantage. 

For enterprises with a dispersed workforce, AR will be beneficial in removing the distance between people, places, and devices. Businesses will be able to carry out pieces of training, highly interactive instructions, or engage users within real-life simulated environments. Companies that identify use cases and learn to adopt AR will reap the benefits of these new methods of interaction and visualization. Pushing the limits, immersive technology is bound to gain significant traction, particularly in the enterprise space.

Dynamic IT Infrastructures

An enterprise infrastructure will no longer be an expanse of stand-alone computers and servers. With tens of thousands of managed nodes across multiple complex environments, enterprises will become interconnected living structures. Infrastructure automation will allow enterprises to create and deliver services quickly while saving time and resources.

Wireless sensor systems will be capable of detecting a wide array of process and environmental conditions including, footfall, temperature, lighting, air quality - the list is endless. Smart IT infrastructure will present real-time visibility that is needed to resolve issues intelligently. Providing new services for multiple devices in different real-life scenarios, dynamic IT infrastructures will ease communication, storage, processing capabilities, and eliminate the happenings of unexpected events through custom alerts.

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