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AI powered UI

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Accelerating Customer Service Transformation with AI

​​In spite of the skepticism that AI is just another technology buzzword, its momentum is real! According to Gartner, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human. Digital assistants will be so pervasive that they will optimize employee productivity for most situations. As the way people interact with technology becomes a key differentiator, the enterprise faces a new universal imperative: to include and integrate AI to enhance customer experiences.
Besides making traditional interfaces smarter, AI integration is making interfaces invisible as is the case with AI-powered voice-assistants. Focused on usability, Amazon’s Alexa interacts with users by simply talking to them and acts on their behalf by handling tasks when asked to. This benefits not just the consumers, but enterprises as well. For example, Amazon Echo owners can sign up for Prime using just their voice by saying, “Alexa, sign me up for Prime.”
AI-supported relationships can exist and grow across interfaces and communication styles: text-based chats with chatbots, conversations with digital assistants, body gestures, and even mixed reality. Adding new experiences that are personalized and more convenient fosters stronger relationships and seamless customer experience and in turn, enhances business value.
To ensure enterprises offer contextual offerings to their customers, they need to reassess how people interact not just with technology, but also with other factors that affect their behavior. By placing AI at the heart of the customer experience, businesses will be able to move from merely transactional customer interactions to multidimensional conversations.
HARMAN can help you put these innovation-led ideas to work in your enterprise and design a new customer journey where AI serves as your frontline brand ambassador for customer service interactions, communications, and engagements. 
To schedule a meeting with our experts you may write to us at askhcs@harman.com or connect with me on Linkedin.​​