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Be Empowered By Cloud-Based Visual Analytics

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Forrester Research predicted that Visual analytics (VA) was going to be “the next big thing” in e-discovery right back in 2006. But despite its presence for almost a decade, several business intelligence packages are still privy to it benefits. Most integrated software platforms co-exist with intensive manual intervention, resulting in ineffective outcomes.

​The power of visual storytelling is indispensable, whether in a simple dashboard or to display complex insights and cloud-based visual analytics helps achieve just that. Be it revenue assurance or customer profitability analysis for the IT/ Telecom sector, or sales and operational planning in the logistics sector, or even scenario planning or fraud detection in the government/defense ministry, data visualization tools help deliver more insightful, useful representation of data across all industries.​

We strongly believe that a synergy of visualization tools, tremendous scalability (thanks to cloud), advanced analytics and business modelling features would make for the perfect all-round BI package.  Our Symphony RPM tool was designed to meet this very need. With advanced features including statistical packages, in-memory processing and scenario/workflow planning, Symphony RPM helps manage data and build analytical models with seamless visualization.


All of this is done in a scalable environment suitable for enterprise deployment. And coupled with statistical packages, Symphony RPM generates a ‘what if’ scenario, to forecast, scrutinize and encapsulate the best practices for your business.  Furthermore, it dispels intensive manual intervention by producing interactive executive dashboards that can be drilled down by analysts/decision makers between planning and execution.


And as opposed to traditional BI, the technological potential realized here stands to be remarkable. This can be beneficial at administrative levels across sectors for profitable operations. Here’s a snapshot of how the retail and CMPG industry is accelerated through relevant Big Data insights produced by Symphony RPM: