Early Mover Advantage In A Mobile-First, Cloud-First World

The fast mover advantage is a key requirement for companies in highly competitive markets. An MVP is about building a lean, powerful product which creates a viral effect for your ideas with your customers. With customers looking forward to adopt personalized contextual application which can be accessed anywhere and anytime, the expectations from an MVP are also sky high. You need to turn your ideas into an MVP quickly, by combining data, mobile and elastic infrastructure.


Customer Experience

Redesign Your Product around Your Customers' Experience

A great product idea, but poor user experience can mean that early customers might reject your idea outright. In a multi-platform environment, we help build simplified and intuitive user interfaces. Reduce the complexity for users switching platform and improve user adoption with:

  • Understand the customer better using user personas and user resear
  • Translate high level design concepts into a working prototype
  • Design for seamless, multi-channel experience

Code for a Hybrid Future Using Cloud

Code for a Hybrid Future Using Cloud

As products or solutions are evolving into platforms themselves, build them on modern infrastructure. With our expertise across major cloud platforms, we help bring your ideas to market faster. Scale quickly to capitalize on early success with:

  • Elastic scale for modern apps using cloud infrastructure as backbone
  • Integrate cloud and on-premises applications and data into cloud using APIs
  • Align with organizational security principles while delivering unlimited scale using hybrid cloud

Manage Product Delivery Backlog

Manage Product Delivery Backlog and Sprints with a Global, Agile Team

Distributed Development with multiple teams located across the globe can be a challenge for implementing agile practices that rely heavily on face-to-face communications. We help execute Agile projects at an enterprise scale with globally distributed teams by adopting:

  • Disciplined Core Agile Delivery approach with Extreme Programming and Lean Standards based practices
  • Successfully scale agile practices at the enterprise level using Scaled Agile Framework

Accelerate Delivery Leveraging Product Backlog

Accelerate Delivery Leveraging Product Backlog and Sprints with a Global Agile Team

Using DevOps for product development and delivery, supported by tools, we help accelerate time to market of stable builds and ship releases in weeks. Set the pace for the development and operations team from the outset as you scale up beyond a MVP using:

  • Disciplined Core Agile Delivery approach with Extreme Programming and Lean Principles
  • Accelerated adoption of lean and agile principles with Kanban method

Which MVP Strategy is Right For Your Idea?



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