Trends that will shape the future of cloud in 2016

Here are some of the mega-trends that we see driving the growth of cloud.
In general,

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BDaaS is making waves in the industry today, but its impact in the longer run still remains an enigma. Let’s begin by deconstructing what

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Doing what you’ve always done doesn’t always help you win the war. Many a time, it’s simply about thinking out-of-the-box and stunning

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The power of visual storytelling is indispensable, whether in a simple dashboard or to display complex insights and cloud-based visual

Winning The Advanced Analytics Race

In Internet of Things era, companies failing to leverage analytics are bound to be irrelevant and many would face competition from

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Analytics Will Tell You How High To Throw The Ball For That Winning Shot


Today, there are highly sophisticated ways to monitor and capture ever-increasing chunks of data. Not just the video cameras, but the

Your “ownCloud” In AWS: Part 1

What is ownCloud and why should you know it?

ownCloud is written in PHP and Javascript. Some great database management