Blitzscaling into 'Digital Next' World

Looking back a decade ago - Android OS went mainstream, SAMSUNG Galaxy smartphones series was launched, Twitter conquered the world, “

United, We Win!



The above quote from a reputed research firm, 

Value-Based Healthcare with the Internet of Medical Things


Consider an elderly person, 65 years old with limited mobility, mostly alone at home as the family is away at work. And one fine day, the

Real-time AI: Meet ZOE, the cruise industry’s world’s first voice-activated digital assistant


When you embark on board MSC Bellissima, one of the most innovative cruise ships to launch this year, be prepared for a new

Smart Environments – Exploring Untold Possibilities with Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Taking advantage of human-algorithm collaboration, we recently built the cruise industry’s first voice-activated digital assistant. A

Part 1: In Search of the Soul – Finding Human in AI


When Marvin Minsky referred to “Learning “as a “Suitcase Word,” one couldn’t be more certain about a life full of mistaken extrapolations

Evolution of Virtual Personal Assistants in Automotive


The digital life of the consumer now extends across all the domains of their daily activities: in the home, during their commute, at work

Trust: A Major ingredient to Propel AI Adoption


Whether it is a voice-enabled smart speaker that will recite a recipe while you are cooking or play your favorite movie on your