5 Meta Trends Reshaping our Markets in 2018


Becoming more innovative as a firm is undoubtedly challenging, but when done well, it is a game-changer for everything and everyone. If

Taking the Digital Plunge


How can businesses best respond to this shift? How can they take advantage of the opportunity to innovate, differentiate and grow? And

Trends that will shape the future of cloud in 2016

Here are some of the mega-trends that we see driving the growth of cloud.
In general,

Be Empowered By Cloud-Based Visual Analytics


The power of visual storytelling is indispensable, whether in a simple dashboard or to display complex insights and cloud-based visual

Winning The Advanced Analytics Race

In Internet of Things era, companies failing to leverage analytics are bound to be irrelevant and many would face competition from

Analytics Will Tell You How High To Throw The Ball For That Winning Shot


Today, there are highly sophisticated ways to monitor and capture ever-increasing chunks of data. Not just the video cameras, but the

Analytics Led Transformation-powered by Microsoft Azure


As companies wake up to the immense potential of big data and analytics, the technology itself is evolving rapidly. Today, data is

Key Trends Driving Local to Global Data Consolidation Challenges


While it’s easy to understand the need for global systems, making the actual transition in practice is not as simple. Increasing business

When analytics gets hitched to cloud the possibilities are mind boggling

One of our own customers, the world’s largest provider of healthcare and manufacturing technology