The future of the Connected Enterprise was yesterday!

Most companies have begun to understand that the data generated by these groups can be harnessed to identify new channels of revenue, and have

Connected everywhere. Secured by Entrust Datacard and HARMAN


If you've been following CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show), the largest trade show for consumer electronics happening at Las Vegas

HARMAN Software Update Gateway Delivers Secure OTA Updates to the Entire Car

We are proud to announce that with our first go-to-market partner, NXP Semiconductors (NXP®), we are

Are You Ready For The Next Wave Of Disruption In Automotive Technology?


As a result, IoT/software enabled automotive have been hitting the road, and features like autonomous driving, faster, over-the-air

CalAmp Selects HARMANs’ Redbend for OTA Updates of Vehicle Tracker


With more than 5 million devices being managed on a daily basis, fleet managers can be confident in knowing their tracking system

HARMAN Connected Services and Redbend OTA Software Solutions Highlighted During Connected Car Events in Asia


The following statistics were shared during HARMAN’s Customer Tech Day in Baoding, China as well as at the GENIVI 13th All

The third industrial revolution is about connected machines, data and APIs


Frank Gillett, our guest speaker from Forrester laid the context, talking about the growth of IoT.  He spoke about how the range of IoT

‘Access over Ownership’ and Mobility Services based Value Propositions – a major paradigm shift in Automotive


Today’s connected lifestyle is driving consumer demand for in-vehicle infotainment and services where drivers and passengers expect a

How IoT Is Transforming Retail Supply Chain Management?

IoT has the potential to completely transform the way we look at supply chain management in retail today. Here are some of the great