Reinventing Business: Simplifying Enterprise-Grade IoT Deployment at Scale

Before you know it, we might have clothes that automatically change color and patterns or farms that run themselves. Exploring the

Life after CES 2017. Everything that happens next

2017 kicked off with the pinnacle of consumer technology shows, Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES) at Las Vegas. Companies from across the globe

Connected everywhere. Secured by Entrust Datacard and HARMAN


If you've been following CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show), the largest trade show for consumer electronics happening at Las Vegas

Autonomous driving demands a paradigm shift in HMI development


The following chart helps us to understand the role of HMI in facilitating driver engagement, car-to-driver communication and car-to-

Why The Sudden Hype Around Containerization Of The Cloud?

Put simply, containerization is level of abstraction which separates applications from the hardware and operating system. This virtualization

Are You Ready For The Next Wave Of Disruption In Automotive Technology?


As a result, IoT/software enabled automotive have been hitting the road, and features like autonomous driving, faster, over-the-air

Connecting social & environmental vision with the latest technology solutions


Andrew Till, VP Technology, Partnerships and New Solutions, from HARMAN will address these challenges during his session at Ovum’s 5th

Microsoft IoT Partner of the Year: And the Award Goes to


Harman, a brand dedicated to help customers create intelligent solutions to thrive in the connected world using its expertise in design,