Reinventing Business: Simplifying Enterprise-Grade IoT Deployment at Scale

Before you know it, we might have clothes that automatically change color and patterns or farms that run themselves. Exploring the

IoT is About Innovation, Partnerships and ROI


Starting from CES in Las Vegas in January ‘17 and more recently with Mobile World Congress (MWC) ‘17 in Barcelona, Spain; we noticed

IoT in Healthcare: HARMAN creates the future now!


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has done wonders in healthcare industry, transforming the way information is collected

Industrial Revolution 4.0 – Brought To You By IoT

A new revolution is gaining strength and beginning to shape the 21st century – Industrial Revolution 4.0 powered by Internet of things (

Connecting ‘Digital Natives’ With ‘Internet Of Everything’


Marc Prensky coined the term “digital natives” in 2001, denoting a faction of millennials with a strong cultural affiliation towards

Message to the Energy and Utility industry: A Roadmap to Future-proof your business through SMAC and IoT

Smart Energy and Utilities companies have started on a concerted drive towards technology led future proofing, especially by investing in

Microinteractions: The Kingpin to Persuade Customers


Often, companies tend to focus on the larger aspects of customer experience – new features, better customer service etc. and assume that

Simply put, IOT is the product of “Innovation Over Time”


You don’t have to take my word for it. If you are a law abiding citizen, then I’ve got two laws for you.