Digital Transformation Powers Innovation at HARMAN – 5 Smart Solutions to Highlight IoT at CES 2018


As Harman designs products and solutions for the future, technology features emphasize,

Connected Vehicles and IoT Technology: Are You Ready?


As this transition to autonomous vehicles takes place, the need for connectivity, data consumption, security and innovation will become

HARMAN Connected Services Talks IoT Strategies and User Experience at Enterprise IoT World


During the discussion “Dealing with Disruption: What Every Enterprise Must Consider When Implementing its IoT Strategy, Nader

Mitigating Security Challenges in an Evolving IoT Landscape

As the world around us gets more connected — driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) — the line between the physical and digital world is

HARMAN leads the pack in IoT Services, yet again!


A company sold fertilizers for 50 years. It is only when it started working with HARMAN 5 years ago, that it realized the possibilities

HARMAN Showcases its ‘Smart Solutions’ at Internet of Things World Europe 2017


More than 250 exhibitors and startups participated in the event, showcasing the next generation of connected devices with more than 150

A $1.29 trillion connected opportunity for businesses

The proof of this growth was highlighted in the IDC prediction with estimated that IoT spending will experience a compound annual growth

Why the digital business is evolving by the day: forecasting from a retrospect


Digital Transformation began by unequivocally claiming that businesses needed a digital presence to cater to the always online customer.

Smart Building for Smart Workforce Productivity

Businesses are evolving and so are the workspaces. With smart building gaining traction, a lot of discussion revolves around saving energy

IoT is About Innovation, Partnerships and ROI


Starting from CES in Las Vegas in January ‘17 and more recently with Mobile World Congress (MWC) ‘17 in Barcelona, Spain; we noticed