The Transforming Automotive Industry: From Automakers to Smart Mobility Providers


It’s hard to believe that only 100 years ago, humans traveled by foot to reach every destination. This significantly limited how far they

Top 5 Automotive Industry Trends in 2017


HARMAN predicts the following top five Automotive Industry trends for 2017. 



Taking the Digital Plunge


How can businesses best respond to this shift? How can they take advantage of the opportunity to innovate, differentiate and grow? And

‘Access over Ownership’ and Mobility Services based Value Propositions – a major paradigm shift in Automotive


Today’s connected lifestyle is driving consumer demand for in-vehicle infotainment and services where drivers and passengers expect a

HARMAN Named Finalist in 2015 TU-Automotive Awards


We are proud to share that Symphony Teleca has been named a finalist of 2015 TU-Automotive Awards in the