Engage, Empower and Elevate with Next-Gen Digital Ecosystems


PWC predicts that rise in revenue from the sharing economy business models will reach $335 billion by 2025. Access to API’s and open

Trust: A Major ingredient to Propel AI Adoption


Whether it is a voice-enabled smart speaker that will recite a recipe while you are cooking or play your favorite movie on your

Establishing Communities of Trust in a Connected World


The Proliferation of Vehicle Data


The expected growth in the value of vehicle data and shared mobility

The Next Frontier of Banking Experiences


The next frontier for digital is physical. Across industries, the new generation of intelligent products and solutions are moving into

An Immersive Approach: Phygital Design is the New Normal


From self-checkout counters to virtually experiencing a car before purchase, phygital environments, which weave the digital and physical

How to Successfully Launch the First Version of a Digital Product?


According to PwC’s Global Fintech report, a large number (61 percent) of responding institutions find themselves safe in terms of

Inspiring Workplace Excellence: A Comprehensive Audio-Visual Solution


The Engaged Employees Report by Entrepreneur Magazine states that live videos drive 31% higher productivity and 37% higher sales.

Key Areas of Connectivity Focus at Various Levels of Autonomous Driving


HARMAN recently conducted a webinar on “Key Areas of Connectivity Focus at Various Levels of Autonomous Driving.” It was well attended by

Digital Transformation: An Opportunity to Build Next-Gen Digital Ecosystems


Most industries including steel, construction, healthcare, retail, finance and insurance are ripe for disruption. Emerging technologies