The Sun Always Shines on OTA – Doesn’t it?


Isn’t Over-the-Air software update easy? I mean, really… what does it take? All you need is some place on the cloud you can load your new

The need for software agility in a heavy-metal world


Tesla recently took a similar approach. They started kitting out cars sold in October 2014 with the necessary sensors, cameras and ECUs

HARMAN Software Update Gateway Delivers Secure OTA Updates to the Entire Car

We are proud to announce that with our first go-to-market partner, NXP Semiconductors (NXP®), we are

HARMAN Connected Services and Redbend OTA Software Solutions Highlighted During Connected Car Events in Asia


The following statistics were shared during HARMAN’s Customer Tech Day in Baoding, China as well as at the GENIVI 13th All

Auto Innovation In The Cloud Is Just Getting Started


What is really great about the platform is that it provides an innovative means of enhancing and keeping the in-car experience current,