The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to become all pervasive. It is changing how manufacturers create and exchange value with customers. Simply put, factories and plants that are connected to the Internet are more efficient, productive and smarter than their non-connected counterparts.


The journey to becoming a connected enterprise starts with internet of Your Things. IoT is about to transform how manufacturers create and exchange value with customers. We wrote about the power of IoT in manufacturing this recent blog.


Today, the sources of value and differentiation have shifted for manufacturers. Things have moved from hardware to software, product to cloud and from product to service. In a marketplace where companies increasingly need to do whatever they can to survive, those that don’t take advantage IoT are lagging behind.


Jeff Nuckolls, our Vice President for Cloud & IOT, recently talked about how IoT is transforming the manufacturing industry by driving inefficiencies out of their systems, managing workforce skills gaps and uncovering new business opportunities.


In the Webinar on ‘IoT in manufacturing,’ Jeff provided ten real-world examples of how the Internet of “Your Things” is helping challenger businesses disrupt the mature industry. In essence, Jeff spoke about the value of seeing the factory floor as a data platform, where telematics and predictive analytics can create a huge opportunity for disruption.