The automotive industry has seen tremendous advancements and transformations in the recent years with the advent of solutions such as telematics, connected cars, machine learning, and over-the-air software management.


By 2030, as many as 650-million people worldwide could be using some form of car or ride sharing, according to projections by ABI Research. The converging forces are disrupting industry operating models, creating a new on-demand economy. This blog post is focused on a time when private drivers will pick up customers using their own vehicles, i.e., car sharing.


The automotive cloud technology is empowering car-sharing and ride-sharing models with the capability to make decisions, plan maintenance, provide preferred services, offer portable personalization and over-the-air software management. Not only does this simplify car sharing and fleet management, but it also unlocks new revenue streams and enhances customer experiences providing participants in this model with a  clear competitive advantage.


HARMAN's automotive cloud platform, HARMAN Ignite allows car-sharing and ride-sharing companies to customize further and automate features that support their customers' connected lifestyle. Here are a few ways in which our automotive cloud platform would empower them:


Contextual Infotainment

By providing an intuitive infotainment experience across rides for customers, car-sharing and ride-sharing companies can keep their customers engaged through trips and create the ultimate mobile lifestyle experience. Furthermore, HARMAN Ignite can help customers extend their in-office and in-home experiences besides merely recommending content for consumption - transforming customer's in-car experience into a productive and an optimized one.


Personalized Passenger Experiences

Personalization options on the automotive cloud are essential for car-sharing and ride-sharing companies. By being able to remember user preferences for returning customers from temperature and seat position to FM stations and even the choice of the vehicle, automotive service providers can ensure a truly personalized experience. Also, based on a user's regular route and travel pattern, service providers can even provide updates on traffic status and weather. Simple actions such as nudging customers to leave earlier than usual in case of travel delays elevates the overall customer experience.


Newer Revenue Streams

The ability for marketers to gather data and interpret that data presents a massive opportunity for car-sharing and ride-sharing companies to cross-sell and upsell their services and explore new revenue streams. Service providers can collaborate with vendors to market relevant, contextual products in the car. For example, consider a customer who keeps listening to Ed Sheeran songs. Using HARMAN's intelligent platform, car service providers could potentially offer discounts on the tickets to an Ed Sheeran concert when he is touring in the region. Such services not only help open new revenue streams but also create a closer customer relationship.


Ride Sharing Redefined

With the automotive cloud, ride-sharing providers can transform the vehicle into an intuitive performance machine that makes commute connected, fun, and safe. It makes the ride more secure for users with follow-my-ride and SOS alerts and provides tremendous opportunities to transform shared-ride experiences. For instance, if the service provider were to notify users of a colleague traveling to the same work location, those users are more likely to hop on the same ride.


HARMAN Ignite offers car sharing and ride sharing companies a unified, single-platform view of a customer's transportation information, driving patterns and driver behavior, enhancing the customer experience while amplifying their revenue. To know more about enabling user-friendly Car-sharing/Ride-sharing systems, talk to us today.