Microsoft has made a series of new announcements recently, making things more exciting than ever, on the cloud front. In the last 12 months, Microsoft has added over 500 features and services to the Azure platform. As Venkat Gattamneni, Group Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure, writes in his blog post, “From 3M using Azure to accelerate mobile application development to Heineken running its global marketing campaigns to GE Healthcare delivering secure and flexible healthcare applications, we’re seeing customers do amazing things by leveraging the power of Azure.”


Below are some of the cool new announcements Microsoft has made on Azure:


Microsoft Azure Stack, which can help customers to bring into their own datacenters much of the same code base as Azure so they have a very high degree of consistency between applications running in their own datacenter and the Azure cloud. They get the same experience as the Azure Resource Manager, which lets them create and manage applications using declarative templates, apply RBAC rules, and tag resources.


Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365, which lets customers use the same private Azure ExpressRoute connection to carry Office 365 traffic to their on-premises environments. So with ExpressRoute, customers not only get predictable network performance with Azure but also Office 365 services.


Azure Service Fabric, which provides a high control platform and enables developers and ISVs to build cloud services with a high degree of scalability and customization.


Operations Management Suite (OMS) leverages Microsoft’s deep management experience to streamline cloud management to deliver heterogeneous management capabilities for any cloud. OMS provides customers simplified IT management for Azure, AWS, Windows Server or Linux, VMWare or OpenStack with an all-in-one cost-effective cloud IT management solution.


Hyper-V Containers with a new level of isolation previously reserved only for fully dedicated physical or virtual machines, while maintaining an agile and efficient experience with full Docker cross-platform integration. Through this new first-of-its-kind offering, Hyper-V Containers will ensure code running in one container remains isolated and cannot impact the host operating system or other containers running on the same host.


With these offerings, customers can not only innovate more with Azure, but can get a consistent experience across cloud, on-premises or with hybrid scenarios. Watch this space for more exciting developments on the cloud.