It is now clear that the Internet of Things or IoT phenomenon is all set to alter the way EVERY industry functions and the way we live our lives. It’s transforming the way customers are treated, products and services are delivered; and the way virtual world interacts with physical world. According to a research by Gartner, 50 Billion connected devices are expected by 2020; which is more than the projected population of 2020!





Despite all the obvious advantages, the thought of making your organization IoT-ready can seem quite intimidating. Like we wrote on de-mystifying IoT, there are several questions to be asked – Is my technology infrastructure ready to support IoT? What new risks IoT will bring to my IT environment and business? And most importantly, have I missed the IoT bus?


As a next step to help you on your IoT journey, we’ve put together a detailed e-book titled “5 Steps to Jumpstart Your IoT Journey”. This e-book will help you implement the right strategy and create a roadmap to tap the IoT opportunity. With right start you can go beyond sustaining your business and make it a disruptor and be ahead of your competitors.


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