Yes, by creating an Automotive Digital Ecosystem and transforming vehicles into immersive connected solutions. Easier said than done, right? One simple place to start is with HARMAN Ignite 3.0.


Bringing the benefits of connected life into a vehicle and presenting contextual user experiences is a challenge, but insight-led technologies can help OEMs and automakers push the boundaries of optimization to new heights. 


HARMAN Ignite 3.0, is a full-featured Automotive Digital Ecosystem.  This newly enhanced solution provides an automotive centric-marketplace, an intelligent reasoning assistant and connected navigation capabilities that closely mirror what consumers are accustomed to on mobile devices.  


According to Statista's own information, the connected automotive infotainment systems market is estimated to grow over 52.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. Here, the keyword ‘connectivity’ is driving innovation/growth as more and more automakers and fleet owners intend to deploy, safeguard and manage connected vehicle services across the globe.


In this race to harness emerging technologies, what makes HARMAN Ignite 3.0 a premier solution?


There are two factors at play: first, the need to meet today’s drivers’ rising expectations for contextual, connected experiences, and second, the desire for unique capabilities beyond the expected in a connected vehicle solution.


With HARMAN Ignite 3.0, OEMs can create an in-car experience that rivals the personalization of smartphones. But, most importantly, it can evolve. Taking advantage of this smart, seamless and scalable approach, OEMs can create a stand-out driver experience for their customers while also setting up lucrative digital revenue streams.


So, how can automakers or service providers offer customers enhanced safety, convenience and entertainment?


The transformative HARMAN Ignite Platform is an end-to-end cloud platform that enables:

  • Connectivity,
  • Device management,
  • Application enablement,
  • Analytics, and
  • Managed services capabilities.

HARMAN Ignite 3.0 not only allows automakers, dealers and service providers the ability to easily introduce, deploy and manage new cloud applications and services, but it also allows users to enjoy a variety of smart features they’ve come to love and rely on in all other aspects of their life. In addition, the automotive-based virtual assistant, enhanced navigation with Point-of-Interest (POI) search, and an ecosystem marketplace for user-downloadable apps provide intelligent personalization directly in the vehicles. 


Let’s delve deeper into the HARMAN Ignite 3.0.


  • For OEMs who’re looking to deploy personal assistants, HARMAN presents Intelligent Reasoning Assistant (iRA). Combining Voice Recognition and Natural Language Processing functions traditionally found in vehicles with the cloud-based features of popular Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA), iRA adds cognitive capabilities focused on driver activities. HARMAN Ignite provides the cloud orchestration and supplemental skills for OEMs to bring unique and highly-tailored UX interactions into the vehicle. As a result, customers can directly talk to their car to fulfill any personal assistant command.
  • The HARMAN Ignite Marketplace of user-downloadable apps, cloud-enabled services and Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs) offers support to third-party developers, allowing customers to enjoy their preferred apps and services. 
  • Designed to keep pace with technology as it evolves, HARMAN Ignite 3.0 will provide customers with smarter driving experiences in the coming years.
  • Superior in-vehicle navigation - Embedding connectivity benefits like access to metadata including reviews and ratings make the discovery of a destination easy. As there are multiple options for navigation, HARMAN Ignite 3.0 offers a swappable online POI search to help users find the best destination for their route without hassles.


Operating a connected vehicles ecosystem means more than incorporating internet accessibility into vehicles. As vehicles become more services-oriented, relationships between drivers, passengers, vehicles, and vehicle makers transform at every level. 


Drivers and passengers can access applications for information, navigation, and entertainment from a unified system in the car. Since accessing multiple apps with different user interfaces at the same time is cumbersome and distracting, HARMAN has designed this shared ecosystem to attract third-party services, where OEMs can customize products/services based on their brand and their customers’ interests, which facilitates new voice-enabled skills and out-of-the-box cloud platforms and services. 


With its enhanced technology and innovative solutions, HARMAN Ignite 3.0 is designed to provide a smarter, more connected driving experience and has equipped OEMs with the tools they need to meet, and exceed, contemporary technology demands. It also allows OEMs to create vital opportunities for digital revenue streams well into the future. 


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