Today’s automakers have become hardware, software and experience providers that are transforming the way the world moves.

The new avatar of connectivity
The changes in consumer behavior influenced by the creation of the smartphone and with advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) have put the automotive industry on the cusp of a revolution. Users are increasingly disinclined to sacrifice connectivity and access to their smartphone features, irrespective of where they are or what they are doing. Deloitte's research suggests that drivers today want their cars to act as peripherals to their smartphones, such as to remain connected and productive while on the move. Moreover, consumers see an increasing value and are willing to pay to avail these content and connectivity services.
Infotainment systems are making the shift from OEM controlled experiences to personalized experiences built on the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) philosophy. Innovative sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and real-time analytics help in understanding user preferences, usage patterns and in recommending optimal services and even the right choice of programming. All of this backed by sophisticated playback/speaker systems, technologies such voice-recognition, text-to-speech feedback and smart dashboard displays. This implies that the experience is changing from one where the user searches for restaurants using GPS on a mobile device, to another paradigm where simply stating "I'm hungry" to an in-vehicle Personal Digital Assistant instantly executes a process to search, review, recommend and navigate to a restaurant of choice.  
These new features are now a vital factor in the buying process for cars and provide OEMs with massive monetization opportunities over the lifespan of the vehicle. Capturing these opportunities will require scale, speed, and agility with a new set of capabilities. Moreover, tackling challenges of data privacy and security can be challenging with new government regulations recently put in place. It is no surprise then Automotive OEMs are collaborating with technology service providers and connected-car platform providers to create revolutionary, but secure digital experiences for their end users.
HARMAN Ignite – Building the Connected, Personalized and Adaptive Car
Connected car platforms such as HARMAN Ignite allows automotive manufacturers to provide real-time, cloud-based connected services and manage all interactions from one single location. HARMAN Ignite is a complete, end-to-end cloud platform which enables connectivity, device management, application enablement, analytics and managed services capabilities. The platform helps OEMs create advanced and intelligent services, ranging from smart transport solutions and portable personalization capabilities to cars that learn about a user's driving style,
Intelligent Personal Digital Assistant Solution from HARMAN supplements Personal Assistants’ cognitive services by adding skills focused on driver activities. With HARMAN Ignite, the right skills are available to support in-vehicle or home-to-vehicle features (e.g., remote start, etc.), and the list continues to grow.
Car-as-a Service (CaaS) solution supports changing vehicle ownership models by allowing customers to have on-demand access to their vehicle of choice based on their specific needs. It is also used by OEMs, dealers and service providers to offer car sharing services.
Cloud-Based Driver Profile applies a consumer's personalized settings to any vehicle they drive by creating an account and saving personalized infotainment pre-sets like ambient temperature, seat and mirror positioning, and favorite radio channels, and more.
Remote Vehicle Update Service (OTA) allows updates of automotive software over-the-air (OTA) giving a huge competitive advantage for OEMs by bridging the gap between software and hardware lifecycles. HARMAN’s Remote Vehicle Updating offering is the only OTA solution that enables efficient full-vehicle management
Parental Controls Solution provides OEMs with a wide range of capabilities for parents to monitor speed, location and other vehicle functions for their child’s car via an application on a mobile device. 
HARMAN is the market leader in connected car solutions, designing and engineering connected car systems, audio/visual products, enterprise automation solutions and connected services for automakers, consumers and enterprises worldwide.
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