Earlier this month at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) convention in Las Vegas. HARMAN Connected Services highlighted innovations and trends that are not only infusing into consumer technology but are also resuscitating enterprise computing.


CES 2018 was once again the first major trade show of the year. Spanning across 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space in the Las Vegas Convention Center, CES has become the key area for launching breakthrough technologies from advanced in-vehicle driver assistance functions to agent enabled AR experiences and robotics, and this year’s show did not disappoint.


HARMAN, just as the last few years, took over the Hard Rock hotel, converting two conference halls to deliver the “HARMAN” experience to our customers. The demos in the Muse hall focused on the future of automotive from Connected ADAS, Autonomous Driving, Electric Vehicles and HARMAN IGNITE Automotive Cloud Platform.


The key highlights include:


Addressing emerging opportunities in connected mobility


The HARMAN Ignite platform was a major hit with customers enabling them to understand how the cloud can be leveraged to transform their value chain.




  • HARMAN Ignite for a driver/passenger - leveraging the cloud, this platform showed how it could intelligently deliver personal content/preferences in any vehicle the consumer accesses.


  • Customization for the OEMs - OEMs found that they can initially purchase a base set of functionality and then continue to build additional services as and when needed, targeting both the existing and future demands for scalability, security and flexibility. Additionally, they also learned how easy it is to introduce and deploy new applications/services on the go.


  • The Connected Car experience – combining Samsung Nexshop Automotive Retail Suite with the HARMAN Ignite automotive cloud platform, we demonstrated how dealership owners could offer unique experiences from the moment a customer walks into their store.


Integrating cloud technology, HARMAN offered the solution to companies seeking a secure, flexible platform with premier connected technologies. Our partner, Ola Cabs also joined us to accentuate the openness of HARMAN Ignite to deliver compelling 3rd party innovation such as ride-sharing services.


Revolutionizing Connected Car services through digital innovation 


We underlined our credentials as a market leader in Connected Car Services with more than 18 OEM contracts, over 30-million vehicles on the road, and contracts in place for 130-million vehicles on the road by 2023.


For the demo, we created an integrated storyline with Connected Car ensuring that visitors saw the power of HARMAN and also our enhanced capabilities, now that we are part of Samsung. 




We engaged many OEMs in discussions around the evolution of our market-leading HARMAN OTA solution and how it can be leveraged to perform software updates, run security patches, and to continually engage with a driver/passenger throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle.


Samsung SDS kick-started discussions around a scalable Blockchain platform for the automotive market - we expressed how utilizing Blockchain, advanced AI and IoT connectivity, can help businesses explore new opportunities and revolutionize the industry (not only for Automotive but also for many of the markets served by DTS).


As the need of the hour in an increasingly complex connected car ecosystem is security, the HARMAN SHIELD platform created a lot of interest. Our demo focused on the importance of Cyber Security for autonomous/connected vehicles.


Contextual insights creating meaningful experiences


Organizations seeking powerful methods of handling their data were absorbed in our Cognitive, Conversational, and Contextual Digital Transformation Services (DTS) solutions. Our in-depth, interactive discussions covered everything from smart, agent enabled, speakers that turn everyday tasks into simple voice actions to intelligent connected retail solutions.




Bringing the latest innovative technology to customers, we demonstrated a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.


The Georgia Aquarium AR demo especially drew a lot of attention. Harman Connected Services created an app that allowed visitors to detect animal classes and species on display through their phones - shaping a new dimension in audience experience.


An overwhelming and avid response




We received positive feedback from visitors, providing an excellent starting point for 2018. Everyone liked the HARMAN Ignite story and our focus on addressing key OEM challenges/providing an open innovation platform.


Several leading OEMs made it a point of highlighting that our tour provided them with exactly what they needed to understand. Also, our fit with Samsung was very well received and seen as enabling many new offerings.


HARMAN Connected Services — shaping the future



There has never been a more exciting time to be in the IoT, connected retail and automotive industry space. Focused on innovating and applying contemporary computing techniques, we are set to transform these fields and bring comfort, convenience, and safety to billions of people.


As vehicles and infrastructure become more connected, the emerging systems may not only bring cost savings but will create new revenue-generating possibilities for participants across the mobility ecosystem. Drawing on our legacy of innovation, we are well inclined to help enterprises seize new opportunities. 


We would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts and experiences about all the exciting technologies introduced and/or demonstrated at this year’s CES.