With the new trend to redefine transportation as a “connected experience”, our vehicles are becoming a major part of our lifestyle and a key element in the way that we communicate with others.


Vehicles can make us feel safe, secure and provide a convenient way to move about – but also are key to connecting us to all the people and things in the world we live in.  And as we move closer to having fully autonomous vehicles, we will become more reliant on each vehicles capability to provide a personalized and connected driving experience. 


Harvard Health Watch recently reported that an average American spends close to 101 minutes each day driving their car.  NCHS, National Vital Statistics System, Mortality has stated that the average life expectancy in the US is 79 years old. When combining these two statistics, it can be determined that the average American Driver spends more than 4.4 YEARS of their life in a vehicle. Providing connectivity options during this lengthily time spent in the vehicle can increase productivity, entertainment and happiness while decreasing stress.


In this hyper-connected and networked world, connected lifestyles represent the next major change that will impact the automotive ecosystem. The automakers are planning to meet this growing demand for connectivity by personalizing the driver experience through cloud connectivity and smart mobility.


Consumers, today are looking for a uniquely personalized and tailored experience. 


Consumers expect their cars to be an extension of their digitally connected lifestyle. Information such as routing to destinations, notification of traffic delays, the latest weather forecast, favorite radio channels and more can cater to their specific interests.


Consumers no longer view the car as something used just for shopping and transportation.  It is now seen as a method to guide them on the road, to spot and report issues, to diagnose the health of the vehicle, provide parking information and more. Drivers are willingly embracing this new paradigm shift while seeking more advanced methods of securely accessing their cars.


Gartner predicts that by 2020, one in five vehicles will have some sort of wireless internet connection.


With in-car connectivity options, drivers can enable settings as they prefer. The HARMAN Ignite platform can easily allow a consumer to control all their devices, features and settings in the car.  From temperature setting, mirror positioning, to infotainment, social media and key applications, it can customize an array of smart features in vehicle which allows the driver and their vehicle to interact effectively. 


A driver can store multiple profiles in the cloud and access any feature as needed to enjoy a totally personalized driving experience - in any car, at any time. HARMAN Ignite provides OEMs with the capability to allow their owners to personalize the driving experience in its Cloud-Based Driver Profile solution.  It not only allows consumers to develop personalized settings but also ensures that driver information is secure and is removed from the vehicle at the end of the ownership period. 


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