Why OTA is an elementary need for today's modern cars, here is a quick story to explain.

My uncle likes his cars. He likes them big, comfortable and dependable and this is the story he told me last week:
He was driving up to Glasgow for a family celebration when he felt the car losing power. Luckily he was very close to his destination and he managed to coax it to his brother’s house. Once he has unpacked the car he called the service number and they said they would send someone over right away to take a look under the bonnet (hood). The mechanic turned up, connected his computer to the OBD2 port, ran some diagnostics and said that it was probably a problem with the software but that it would have to be towed to the garage for an update. Being in Glasgow but needing to return to Manchester my uncle was directed to take a taxi to a car rental agency to pick up the same model car as the one he has. When he arrived at the agency they informed him that they don’t have the car he ordered available and that they would have to give him a different car instead. When my uncle pointed out that he could see the exact car he ordered sitting in the parking lot they informed him that this one was being reserved for Prince Charles who was scheduled to arrive the following day! After accepting this as a viable excuse he was handed the keys to a top-of-the-range 4x4 to drive back to Manchester.
The following day, after arriving back he called the service center to see how long it would be before he could get his car back. They were happy to inform him that the software had been updated and had fixed the problem. They promised to have the car back that afternoon. By the evening it became clear that they had tried to return the car to his brother’s house in Glasgow, and not to him 200 miles away. Apologizing for their mistake they promised to deliver his car back to him but as it was a Friday this would happen on Monday at the earliest.
Come Monday and his car was put on a tow truck, driven down from Glasgow and delivered as promised. At this point the rental agency called to see when they could have their car back. When they realized that the car was in Manchester they realized they would have to schedule a driver to come down and pick up the car, something that took them another two days to schedule.
My uncle asked me: ‘Why for goodness sake couldn’t his car have just been updated Over The Air (OTA) without this week-long hassle?
My 70 year old uncle understands that OTA is an elementary need for the modern car. What about you?
With HARMAN Connected Services you will never get into such misadventures. Our precise, and scheduled Over the Air updates ensure that your drive is pleasurable and hassle-free.
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