Keeping up with evolving consumer demands requires progressive technological platforms that deliver the desired expectations. HARMAN has been assisting automakers in developing IVI systems that provide superior connectivity experiences and increased safety within vehicles.


A look under the hood


Linux and open source technologies are the new disruptive players in the future of connected cars. HARMAN is one of the core members of GENIVI Alliance and Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), an open source project working towards developing innovative automotive applications. We have built solutions that run on Linux to provide advance in-dash offerings. Open source technologies provide flexibility to consumers and are bringing rapid advancements across the auto industry.


Being an active member of AGL helps HARMAN realize it IVI Vision, enhancing its R&D capabilities and encouraging innovation and collaboration with new technologies. HARMAN will use AGL’s Unified Code Base (UCB) to develop a next-gen in-vehicle infotainment system for the industry.


As consumers are looking for more connected experiences in their cars, open source platforms will help in-car infotainment systems to evolve from providing specific solutions to bringing more exhaustive experiences to their consumers.


In an interview with AGL, Dean Miles, SVP, and Head of Automotive Sales Connected Services explains how HARMAN will build the future IVI systems through open source platforms. 


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