“In the face of disparate sensors covering various specifications presenting daily challenges for IoT deployments, HARMAN has developed a gateway which streamlines deployments by offering a solution that is cloud-ready, ecosystem-friendly, easy-to-administer, compatible across all specifications, and remains secured through PKI authentication and integrates across all sensors right out-of-the-box.”


Internet of Things (IoT) delivers the potential for a strong ROI for organizations looking to adopt a connected solution for cost reduction, productivity advantages, or business transformation. The potential for generating business value using IoT in automotive, manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart agriculture, health, smart cities, and building management has been well documented. However, like all IT deployments, ROI can only be best realized through streamlined execution of IoT projects. 





Organizational Concerns


The proliferation of a variety of sensors covering different specifications has presented challenges for organizations in ensuring interoperability, security, and analytics. IoT projects can take endless hours – and sometimes outright stall – either due to inadequate or lack of integration with sensors.  Security within IoT deployments also remains a major consideration for organizations – specifically the risk of IoT devices being compromised due to an intrusion. Moreover, with the volume, variety, and velocity of data generated across hundreds or thousands of sensors within a deployment, decisions on intelligent storing, forwarding, and discarding of data has to be accomplished to not strain the analytics back-end.


In the face of the common challenges presented daily in IoT deployments, HARMAN has developed a gateway which streamlines deployments by offering a solution that is cloud-ready, ecosystem-friendly, easy-to-administer, compatible across all specifications, remains secured through PKI authentication and integrates across all sensors right out-of-the-box. 




Device Capabilities


An IoT solution typically consists of three key components: (1) devices and sensors at the ground level; (2) transport of the data generated by those devices and sensors; and (3) analytics performed on that data at the far end for business insights. At the ground level, the array of sensors is connected - in a mesh network over WiFI or low powered radio frequency (RF) - to a gateway device which aggregates the data. The HARMAN IoT gateway acts as that intelligent aggregator device at the edge which facilitates the information flow from the sensors.


For many organizations still relying on Raspberry Pi as an aggregation device at the edge for their IoT deployments, the Harman IoT solution represents a sea change in capabilities. With its robust set of features, the solution saves organizations substantial time, effort, and cost in setting up IoT initiatives by eliminating the need for mundane integration, programming, and other administrative tasks. Additionally, it adds to the capacity and the versatility of an IoT deployment by making it functional across disparate sensors.


  1. Interoperability

    The device enables faster deployment by making interoperability with an array of 400 sensor varieties. Besides Wifi, the solution supports radio frequency (RF) over a wide variety of specifications.  As a result, all of the protocol for sensor connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (Low Energy), Zigbee (home automation, Light link, Smart Energy), LoRA (Outdoor Variant – 868 MHz band), Cellular (LTE and 3G) are supported.  The gateway automatically discovers the sensors and, with the help of a companion mobile app, starts gathering the data from those sensors in a matter of minutes. Such plug-and-play interoperability saves hours of programming and configuring time for the deployment team. 

  2. Enhanced Security

    With incessant news in the press about attacks such as Mirai delivered using IoT sensors and devices, the issue of authentication remains front and center for many organizations looking to adopt IoT. With HARMAN’s partnership with Entrust Datacards, a PKI based managed security protocol is supported to ensure that the integrity and access to the sensors and devices is protected.

  3. Ease of Management

    Remote Management of IoT Solutions involves firmware upgrades, provisioning, diagnostics, basic troubleshooting, security patches, and configuration changes, all of which could be delivered remotely to the IoT devices. For device management, the solution supports Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) standard for device management.

    For bandwidth constrained scenarios, the gateway comes built in with a HARMAN over the air (OTA) technology client to enable updates using the smallest possible cost-efficient software payloads. The HARMAN OTA updates are one-tenth the size of the normal file-image updated over LWM2M - leading to not only substantial savings in network cost and upgrade time but also enabling upgrades of devices in areas where connectivity might be sparse or weak.

  4. Access to Analytics

    By logging on to an easy web interface, users can set policies for gateway to determine how to treat the volumes of data from the sensors. An intelligent store and forward policy may be set up to facilitate analytics of relevant data streams. The gateway comes with a data manager module based on SQLIte with Application program interface (API) to process the data either at the edge or at the backend.

    The capability of the gateway to perform edge analytics gives it the ability to send safety or urgent alerts gleaned from sensor data directly to the users, based on certain stringent criteria, without needing to wait on results from the analytics. On the cloud analytics front, the IoT gateway solution comes ready with support for Telit ILS, Sierra Wireless Airvantage, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Interdigital OneMPower, IBM – Watson . MQTT, CoAP, AMQP Protocol Adapters. 

    With the flexibility, interoperability, security, and features, the HARMAN IoT gateway addresses the key pain points that customers express time and again when deploying IoT specific solutions. The IoT gateway fares well in connected car, industrial IoT, retail, building management, healthcare and rugged outdoor industrial settings. Please drop us a line for us to organize a demonstration for you either over a webinar or in person.