Each year, leading consulting firm Zinnov conducts in-depth analyses to produce reports with high-level insights into various industries around the world. This past week, Zinnov published a first-of-its-kind analysis of more than 30 service providers.


The Zinnov Zones 2016 – Internet of Things Technology Services, which serves to inform business leaders on IoT product and service initiatives. 


HARMAN is elated to share that it earned the 2016 study’s rating of undisputed IoT Service Provider Leader, based on Zinnov’s ranking in the Product Development Engineering and the Software Platform Engineering and Management categories. As a differentiator, HARMAN is recognized for its product management approach to IoT.




As HARMAN has made great strides in advancing IoT in the past year, Zinnov has taken notice in its latest industry analysis. HARMAN has become a power player in the connected space with its complete portfolio of offerings encompassing a wide variety of solutions to help boost the entirety of the IoT ecosystem. These were further expanded with cloud services, analytics, partnerships to ensure IoT security,  a Software Update Gateway product,  an Open Service Delivery Platform for connected cars and more.


Through these offerings HARMAN has achieved a wide breadth of IoT coverage in a multitude of key verticals including enterprise, industrial, medical, power management and more – all with demonstrated and proven real-world customer examples. From working with customers across many verticals and discussions with the Zinnov team, HARMAN, in turn, has gained deeper insight and understanding into the inner workings of various industries, which allows it to take a unique approach to IoT solution development and implementation.