With connectivity and smart devices becoming a norm in automotive industry, their practices and processes are largely evolving through Internet of Things. Today, the cars are no more just a commodity but a moving data center with onboard sensors and technology, enabling an advance driver experience and significant business opportunities for the manufacturers.


Furthermore, in future, automobile manufacturers will be able to improve the functionality of their products by releasing regular software updates through over-the-air (OTA) technology. Whether it’s upgrading the battery capability or changing the power outputs of the engine, OTA will empower the consumers to control their vehicles.


Andrew Till, Vice President for Technology, Partnerships & New Solution for Harman Connected Services authored an article in TechPageOne which strongly believes that OTA will change the dynamics between consumer and manufacturer from passive to active.


It connects people with machines and services to streamline the flow of information, enable real-time decisions, and enhance automotive experiences. It has led to the emergence of new platforms enabling new services such as content delivery, vehicle diagnostics and cabin personalization for drivers.


IoT and connected digitalization technologies have brought a disruptive change in the Automotive Industry, leading to a fundamental shift in the world of mobility. This change, sometimes might lead to increased vulnerability and susceptibility creating security breaches and different threats to the consumers.


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