With the Internet of Things (IoT), a new era begins for retail. The real benefits of IoT in retail go beyond the typical applications like tracking machines and executing automated commands. Retail is perhaps one of the segments that gain the most from IoT thanks to exploiting a vast set of collected sensor data via advanced analytics.


Imagine a scenario where key actions of the customers are tracked and analyzed at your retail store in a big mall. It’s not just about getting demographics like age group, gender and shopping interests but it’s also about gathering some intrigue details like how long the shopper spends at a shop, where she/he goes next, whether they made a purchase, and exactly every key detail you would like to gather from a shopping arena.


The retail IoT solutions can also assist the floor managers and shop owners to monitor and manage the traffic of visitor. This feature is applicable in all types of scenarios – during off hours or peak hours. You can track traffic flow and footfall trends at specific period of the day, week or any specific occasion.

Good news is that all these require a minimal investment – as small as a thermal IR(infra-red) sensor. It’s time to get rid of the traditional ways of tracking your customer behavior and enjoy the Smart Retail experience delivered by smart IoT solutions from leaders like Harman Connected Services!

Smart Retail 2.0, the advanced retail technology from Harman Connected Services, provides the tools and insights to improve retail businesses. It also saves huge cost that would otherwise be spend on market research and analytics.

With advanced, non-intrusive IR sensors, you are relieved from the task of monitoring your assets as well as doing market research to understand customer behavior. All data pertaining to your retail business and store is right in front of you for access anytime anywhere from any device – smartphone, tablet or laptop. Smart; isn’t it?