When he joined Harman International last year as Vice President and General Manager of Car Audio Services, Jeff Fay carried with him more than 20 years’ experience in the aftermarket audio and infotainment fields.



  Jeffery E. Fay
  VP & GM Car Audio Services Strategic Business unit,
  Harman international.

He was executive director, retail and mobile electronics at Crutchfield Corp., where he successfully led go-to market and direct-marketing platforms to grow top-line revenue. Before that, Fay spent three years at Alpine Electronics of America, managing its Strategic Sales & Product Marketing organizations, and earlier in his career, he held a variety of car audio retail sales positions where he gained a deep understanding of retail consumer electronics.

Leadership Philosophy: 

“For more than 23 years, Jeff Fay have been fortunate enough to work in an industry that he loves. Along the way, He have discovered that sharing what truly exceptional music reproduction sounds like is a soulful experience. Early on, he learned that no customer needs anything we sell, whether it’s a luxury home theater or high-end car audio system. It’s only by sharing our passion for great sound and exposing our customers to a great audio experience that we create believers who won’t want to live without it. Our business is about living that ideal on a daily basis—not just in front of our customers. Passion is infectious; enthusiastically sharing the happy knowledge that customers will have more fun with better gear will transfer that passion to them.

Jeff Fay Says “I’ve found that the Number One killer of positive change is fear—fear of trying something new, fear of bucking the system, and fear of asking for the sale. A wonderful mentor of mine, Bill Crutchfield, engrained a simple principle that I ask all my team members to employ: Fail Forward. As easy as it sounds, it’s still very difficult for some to embrace because of fear. I embolden them by being willing to take the blame if a change goes horribly wrong. Luckily, I find it seldom does.

“And so, my philosophy is simple: Be passionate about why you do what you do, always try new things, and provide a safe place for people to Fail Forward.”