Let the trumpets blare and let the drum roll begin!

2017 kicked off with the pinnacle of consumer technology shows, Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES) at Las Vegas. Companies from across the globe gathered at Las Vegas, Nevada to showcase the best of their technologies and deliver the latest in consumer technology to show people what they can expect in the year ahead. Now that CES is well past over, here's what is going to dominate in the year ahead. 
The car is smart, connected and driverless. 
Some of the largest announcements at CES 2017 came from the automotive companies and all their partners that enable automotive technology. No surprises here, cars have indeed gone driver-less. Futuristic models of cars were unveiled and everything from connected infotainment systems to self navigating vehicles, stole the show. Connected cars are the future of the automotive ecosystem, and everything from OTA updates, to HUD systems are bound to dominate the market. While moving to a completely driverless ecosystem may still be a few years away, turning your car smart can happen as soon as today! 
Live the experiences? Think of AR and VR 
The convergence of the real-world and the virtual one was a hot seller at CES. Companies showcased a range of virtual reality products, while augmented reality charged its way to the center stage. From headsets, to glasses from wearables to holograms, immersive experiences are set to transform the way you interact with entertainment. Take a holiday on a beach, play a game in a war zone or explore your prospective apartment even before you set foot in it, AR and VR technologies make it possible. 
Automated strategy and actioning, delivered via the Internet of Things 
While the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be a trend, autonomous connectivity and device integration were highlights of smart devices at CES 2017. While several companies showcased integration to smatphones and watches, a range of products showcased at the event proved that were able to function. While home automation and car automation stole the show, Industrial Internet of Things is the future of the enterprise world. Companies that are able to harness the power of data, devices and design, are rapidly transforming into connected enterprises. 
Voice commands still work best 
Voice command speakers that made their way into the market last year saw unprecedented success, allowing more companies to capitalize on the trend. With an assortment of smart features, several manufacturers brought products to the event that allowed the customer to merely speak to the device to be able to control everything from volumes to their homes. 
The bots and drones are establishing themselves like never before! 
From flying machines that can capture videos, to tiny gadgets that teach children how to code, robots and drones are the front runners of the connected ecosystem that are proving their merit are more than just toys. How companies plan to capitalize on this growing trend is yet to be seen. 
And with that you know the future of organizations post of CES. Gear up, get battle ready, 2017 is proving to be a technology madhouse, and if you want to stay ahead, connected is the solution. 
Tell us what you saw at CES that you think could be a game changer in 2017.