Real Madrid’s 450 million strong fan base now has an opportunity to interact with the Spanish football club in ways that were unimaginable even five years ago! Using Microsoft Cloud, Real Madrid, which is the world’s #1 sports franchise, has launched a virtual stadium that offers fans unhindered access to their favourite videos, news and facts about the team.


This fan engagement platform will capture and store data about each fan so it understands inpidual likes and preferences, enabling customised engagement with each fan. With this solution, Real Madrid has been able to build a relationship with fans that is more personal, and far more direct.




Some of the key components of this solution are:


fan engagement platform hosted on Microsoft Office 365. It’s equipped with a powerful BI and analytics platform that tracks data for each fan including mobile check-ins at the club’s stadium, online fan profile updates on the club’s official website, online merchandise purchases as well as club mentions and other data from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media site.


Extended Video Platform hosted on Azure Media Services, it contains both new and historical video content, including previous Real Madrid matches.


A Consumer App to virtually access the stadium before, during, or after each game. Fans can search data on all the club’s players, past and present, while also exploring detailed statistics from specific games.

Big data analytics has started to transform sports performance significantly, like we wrote in these blogs earlier “How analytics has become an integral part of the sports world” and “Analytics will tell you how high to throw the ball for that winning shot.” But it also has the potential to impact the sports viewing experience considerably.


Below are some ways in which the cloud can help sports teams connect closely with their audience.


Telemetry and Data Analysis: Cross-platform mobile applications and supporting web services can provide rich telemetry on application usage by fans along with in-depth technical and operational insight across the entire infrastructure spanning mobile devices and the cloud.


Engaging one-on-one with millions of fans: Sports clubs now have a tool to capture detailed information about their million fans, which they can use to engage with them much more deeply. For example, teams can capture and discover personal preferences for providing more relevant content to each fan through a mobile app. Or when fans use the app to check in at the stadium for a live match, the fan engagement platform can automatically provision a personal QR code for a loyalty in-stadium offer, or even a simple message that thanks the fan for investing time and money in seeing this live match.


Creating near-real-time marketing campaigns: Sports clubs are able to take all the fan information gathered and stored in the fan engagement platform through fan actions to generate a detailed user profile of each fan. As a result, their marketers can offer more targeted, customized marketing initiatives that could ultimately help the club increase revenues. For instance, the club’s fan engagement platform can aggregate social media post volume for each fan registered through their website or the new mobile app. By analysing these social media signals with a tool such as Microsoft Social Engagement, they can customize their marketing and advertising or encourage fans who have downloaded the app to use it.


Using data to analyse app usage and fan behaviour: Sports teams are also able to use the solution to analyse specific user behaviour. The digital platform records all information related to user actions, such as winning an external challenge, checking in at specific places, or updating profiles.


As teams engage with fans in new ways, they have an opportunity to completely transform their businesses. Tools that enable mobility, efficiency, and productivity can help sports teams make that big jump into the future.