Harman was named the WINNER of the 2015 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Intelligent Systems & Services award


Harman, a brand dedicated to help customers create intelligent solutions to thrive in the connected world using its expertise in design, mobility, cloud and analytics, has won the “2015 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Intelligent Systems & Services” award. 


The Intelligent Systems award recognizes the company’s innovation across Internet of things, (IoT) – connected car, connected home and connected enterprise.


What does the award mean for you? The award validates that Harman has succeeded in delivering the best solution with Microsoft partnership and has thus become the best partner for your journey towards Intelligent Systems. It will pave a new path for creating a better ecosystem of connected devices while opening new business opportunities for those involved in the transition toward IoT.


“This year’s award winners are among the most innovative and valuable that our partner ecosystem has to offer. Therefore, it came as no surprise that Harman was named among that group as the WINNER of the 2015 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Intelligent Systems & Services award,” said Phil Sorgen, corporate vice president, Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft Corp.


Commending Harman’s achievements in accelerating innovation across intelligent systems, Sorgen said, “We applaud Harman on this achievement and for the outstanding value it continues to provide for our mutual customers.” Today’s dynamic enterprise space demands intelligent systems built on next-generation technologies. Harman’s IoT solutions, based on Microsoft technologies, have been instrumental in creating a connected ecosystem among its high-value customers who seek innovation to achieve the next level of growth.


The award comes as no surprise though we made it from the vast 2300+ entries from across 103 countries. We believe it’s a natural outcome of the strategies we follow at every stratum of our business – be it research, innovation, quality, technology or support.


As connected concept gains momentum, enterprises and customers are looking for advanced solutions that deliver measurable values such as productivity gains, energy efficiency, reducing opex and the like. Together, our portfolio of cloud, analytics and IoT technologies addresses the entire aspect of the connected ecosystem by delivering innovation through state-of-the art technologies, helping our customers drive maximum value from their investments. Harman’s Intelligent Systems are built on three pillars.


Focus on device: The rapid proliferation of connected devices across all industry segments and the hustle bustle they create on the networks have put tremendous pressure on enterprises and service providers. We help our customers address these issues by offering solutions derived through focused research and analytics, UI development and strategies that help improve user experience.


Custom solutions: The biggest concern our customers face while implementing intelligent systems is their design. Since the requirement of each customer is unique, it becomes a challenging task for the technology provider as well. With several years of experience in the industry, we approach this dilemma in a genuine way. Instead of bumping the customers with a Big Bang model, we offer them a series of small pilot solutions that would clear their path for the IoT journey.


Values from Managed services: A company focused on “customer-first” strategy, Harman has invested heavily to develop a managed service practice that helps the company bond with its customers in an effective manner. Built on the robust Microsoft Azure platform, the managed service practice helps customers ensure a smooth and secure transition to intelligent systems.


In yet another initiative to engage with customers face to face, we have developed a one-day fusion workshop that aims to educate customers about the scope and business opportunities IoT can bring to them and help design a solution roadmap across devices, cloud and data. All of these efforts combined help us draw the best of our capabilities and progress toward the next era of connected world.


“We are honored to be recognized for our IoT & Cloud leadership. This is the fourth consecutive year that we have been recognized for our efforts in Cloud services and a first after we have merged with HARMAN. This win validates our uniquley position, to deliver differentiated experiences at an accelerated pace by bringing the best of hardware and software at global scale”  – Pradeep Rathinam