Navdy with HARMAN – A fun, new Augmented Reality Device that can be used while Driving – and it will make your drive safer.

Attendees are loving Navdy with HARMAN at AutomobiliD (during the North American International Auto Show). Here’s why.
If you were at CES this month, or read any of the articles resulting from the show, you know that augmented reality devices were a very big deal this year. Navdy with HARMAN was recently launched as an augmented reality driving device intended to create a fun driving experience while reducing driver distraction. It was displayed first at CES and is now on display at AutomobiliD.
Navdy with HARMAN was created to make driving easier – allowing the driver to stay connected all the time without fumbling with a mobile device while on the road. With the projected image on your windshield, the driver is always able to keep his/her eyes on the road. This aftermarket HUD solution leverages Augmented Reality (AR) technology to project car, phone and music information directly in the driver's line of sight, creating a new type of driving experience that is both safe and satisfying. The Navdy with HARMAN mobile application wirelessly connects with an Android or iOS device and provides access to information such as: apps, destinations, contacts and settings. 
The Navdy with HARMAN intuitive dial and click interface provides an easy way to scroll, zoom and navigate menus fluidly. It helps a driver avoid hunting through rows of buttons or look down to poke at a touch screen while driving. The device lets a driver make and receive calls, listen to messages, control music, receive calendar reminders and stay connected through applications on his/her phone. It also connects to the car and shows speed, RPM and automatically recommends nearby gas stations when the fuel level is low. 
Navdy with HARMAN device makes navigation easy as it offers dynamic maps as a transparent image without obstructing your view of the road. It's as easy as following the car in front of you and uniquely immersive. With its own high precision GPS chip and local storage of maps, drivers don't have to worry about losing navigation even if they are out of network coverage.
This HUD device works in any car with a magnetic mounting system making it effortless to take it with you or store it in the glove box. It is easy for anyone to set up and get rolling without tools in around 15 minutes.
Navdy with HARMAN is on display at the AutomobiliD Conference at the North American International Auto Show this week. Stop by to see a demonstration in our demo pod, or while sitting in an actual vehicle. So far, the reaction by those experiencing the demonstration has been extremely positive. If you are at the show this week – be sure to take the time to stop by to see it live.
AutomobiliD Show:  Jan. 8th – 12th at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI
If you are not at AutomobiliD – and you want to know more about the solution, click here or contact us today.