Gartner predicts that by the end of this decade, approximately 30 percent of connected vehicle models will have built-in, function-level, over-the-air software update capabilities. Urgent software fixes, feature upgrades and security patches can be deployed conveniently, efficiently, and cost effectively. In most cases, OTA updates will eliminate software recalls and associated warranty costs, preserving the OEM’s brand image and improving customer satisfaction.

We are proud to announce that with our first go-to-market partner, NXP Semiconductors (NXP®), we are launching the HARMAN Software Update Gateway. NXP’s secured gateway processors, embedded with the new HARMAN update management technology, will enable every ECU, regardless of memory, CPU or network resource, to benefit from secure OTA updates. Most importantly, for the first time, the entire car can be securely updated via OTA.
“HARMAN’s OTA Software Management has been the leading and most widely deployed solution in the automotive industry for a number of years. We have taken this technology to the next level and created a software gateway that, for the first time, brings true end-to-end secure connectivity to the car making it possible for every ECU – large or small – to be updated with the latest fixes, features and functions that OEMs want to deliver to consumers,” said Oren Betzaleli, General Manager, OTA and VP, Marketing for HARMAN Connected Services.
Our portfolio of OTA Software Management solutions enables connected devices to be securely and successfully updated and managed over time, regardless of the network protocol, device platform or operating system.
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