Sprint Drive brings convenience, safety and affordable connectivity to your car. Now you can enjoy driving as much as you like.


If you are someone who drives to work every day and are looking for a connected car system, it must be confusing to choose the right device to help you make smarter driving decisions.  


Anticipating problems before they start and knowing that your vehicle is safe to drive will only give you the much-needed peace of mind while you are on the road. The Sprint Drive offers all this and more. From transforming your vehicle into a 4G hotspot and streaming movies on Netflix to offering vehicle diagnostics and GPS functionality, the easy-to-use OBDII device has got you covered.


Sprint Drive is powered by HARMAN Ignite, an end-to-end automotive cloud platform that enables connectivity, actionable analytics, and application management through a secure, flexible and scalable platform.


If you are wondering about how it works, it is simple. Just download the app from the App Store or Google Play, plug Sprint Drive into the onboard diagnostics port (OBD II) and you are ready to go. The Sprint Drive not only provides you with a connected car system but offers a new type of environment where you and your family can enjoy and make new memories.


Here is a recent review article on Sprint Drive, published on Phandroid. According to Nick Gray, Editor International, the Sprint Drive is an all-in-one vehicle hotspot, tracker and diagnostics tool.


You can read the full article here


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