Providing High Quality Automotive Engineering Services to OEMs and Suppliers

Consumer demand for advanced connectivity features is strongly influencing innovation and is changing the shape of the Automotive Industry. Automakers have traditionally focused on the mechanical components within the vehicle and not necessarily the software and/or connectivity features. With the new demand for innovation in connectivity, infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems and more, automakers and auto suppliers must build new expertise in electronics and software in the automobile.


HARMAN offers Automotive Engineering Services for connected car solutions and services to global automotive ecosystem participants to address these complex business challenges. HARMAN supports an OEM or Supplier whether they choose to lay the foundation and build capabilities in-house or partner with a third party to offer more integrated services to their consumers.

Helping OEMS and suppliers realize their connectivity vision

Automotive ecosystem participants realize that the future connected vehicle operates in a complex and intricate ecosystem involving various platforms, multiple suppliers, and numerous transfer protocols. This requires multiple communication technologies to be developed, tested and supported. HARMAN provides Automotive Engineering Services in the following areas:


Establishing complete In-house Software Development & Management Teams at OEMs and Suppliers

To seize the growing opportunities in new connected car experience, automotive OEMs are looking to adopt the flexible, agile, and collaborative software development approaches. As part of their growth strategy, global in-house software centers were conceptualized and initiated to enable OEMs to foster global talent expansion and cost leverage while ensuring quality, control and governance. These centers focus on activities such as IP-creation, advanced analytics, building competencies around emerging connected car technologies, setting up centers of excellence and more. 
HARMAN Connected Services (HCS) has a wealth of experience and well-guarded frameworks in helping OEMs establish In-house Software Centers across the world. Harnessing the in-depth experience in strategizing, building and operating software development centers and flexible engagement models, HCS enables an OEM to start their Software Center Operations in the most expedient manner.


Master Software Integrator

Managing complex automotive software development requires deep expertise in software architecture, systems engineering, talent pool management and software development processes. Software integration requires an overall understanding of the interplay of the sub-systems to enable component based development with portability, reconfigurability and extensibility, together with high reliability and performance levels. Automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers need the help of partners with extensive experience in automotive integration processes with large, global teams.
As a Master Software Integrator, HARMAN Connected Services (HCS) provides a complete solution for the development of next generation Connected Vehicle platforms. HCS can work with a wide variety of partners and manage software integration to create state-of-the-art automotive software platforms and products. These dedicated customer teams can align development to the OEM vision, and track delivery by each partner to produce compelling, reliable and scalable products to provide a competitive advantage.


Android Automotive Platform

Android has successfully been deployed in production infotainment (IVI) systems as the primary operating system and also in conjunction with other operating systems. The options for in IVI systems includes porting Android to run directly on an SoC as the sole operating system, running Android in conjunction with other operating systems such as Linux with use of a hypervisor, or making use of Android via a Linux Container. As the only services company in the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), HARMAN is the one-stop-shop for all Android Automotive needs.
HARMAN Connected Services (HCS) ensures a seamless experience for integrating Android Automotive into in-vehicle infotainment systems across different hardware platforms, OS environments and HMI frameworks. 


Implementing Agile Methods in Automotive

Agile and DevOps have emerged as the de facto standard for enabling a quicker transformation, even as traditional software cycles struggle to keep up with the pace of change. As a leader in connected transformation, HARMAN has a long history of employing and evolving Agile and DevOps practices, even for our own use. We understand what it takes to create an agile approach within our customer organizations.
HARMAN empowers automakers to engage in co-creation and innovation while enhancing and launching Connected Car programs. At HARMAN, we go beyond project management in an OEM with our three-tier approach for Agile Management. Our consultancy services assists customers as they undergo agile transformation and help them to continuously evolve to meet their project and business objectives.


Analytics for a Connected Vehicle

With over 1500+ analytics professionals worldwide adept in data management, data science and in commercial and open source analytics technologies; we deliver advanced analytics solutions to Auto OEMs and Auto suppliers around the world.
HARMAN's Analytic Professionals assist Automakers in analyzing enormous amount of data generated by the automotive ecosystem to:

  • Improve vehicle designs and enhance quality in new vehicles through defect root cause analysis;
  • Prevent vehicle failure with predictive maintenance;
  • Optimize supply chain by ensuring all suppliers have adequate stock of components and parts by predicting failure of parts;
  • Reduce warranty costs with early warning systems; and
  • More.


Mobile Applications and Cloud

Moving and thriving in a cloud environment can be complex. Based on our experience with hundreds of customer engagements, our experts would build or leverage the right cloud platform for your connected car program, one that scales quickly and has lesser time to market. Services we provide include:

  • Assessment and Architecture
  • Consolidation and Modernization
  • Operation and Sustenance
  • Automation and Delivery
  • Custom App Development


Testing & Interoperability Services for Automotive

In order to provide strong differentiation in automobile, OEMs need the help of sound business applications. To manufacture the next generation of innovative vehicles with high quality and free of defects, automotive OEMs need a strong testing infrastructure. HARMAN has experience and competency in both the Automotive and Software industries to validate and certify standards across the Automotive Supply Chain and consumer markets.

  • Successful delivery across multiple Infotainment programs for OEMs with complete responsibility of testing across all phases of the Product Lifecycle from Unit Testing to In-Vehicle testing
  • Extensive experience in test planning, test strategy design documentation and test execution on multiple automotive infotainment projects
  • Dedicated Test Lab for Interoperability test for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and Automotive
  • Projection Modes (Android Auto, Apple CARPlay and BAIDU CARLife)
  • Rated #1 Third Party Lab for Google with Dedicated Test Lab for Development Test,
  • Pre-Certification/Certification Test of Android Auto Projection
  • Test Automation experience across all phases of the product lifecycle from Unit Testing to System Testing
  • Automotive SPICE Level 3 Certified


UI/UX Design Services for Automotive

Today, when most of the vehicle functions are standardized, consumers consider the Human Machine Interface (HMI) as the major differentiator. With aggressive proliferation of fully autonomous car trials, designers face new challenges such as how to connect the other digital devices seamlessly with the vehicle’s infotainment helping the OEMs offer excellent in-vehicle experience to their visually sophisticated generation of customers.
HARMAN’s team of UI/UX designers possess expertise in information architecture, interaction design, and visual design, as well as experience collaborating with development teams. As an OEM, whether your users need a Virtual reality (VR) environment, a full-features software solution or a simple membrane interface, our UI/UX design team can plan and effortlessly execute the project for you.




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