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Job Code Position Title Mandatory Skills Job Location
RR-29189 1 Testing Novi
RR-28557 Analytics manager PL/SQL, Statistical tools, Team Leader, excellent Communication, VBA programming (XL, Client Management, R/ SAS Bangalore - Whitefield SEZ
RR-29199 Android Developer Android Nizhny Novgorod
RR-28909 Android HMI/FW Engineer Android Nizhny Novgorod
RR-28883 Architect BSP, Embedded Linux, Strong Linux kernel knowledge Bangalore Campus
NR-8099 Architect SystemC Seoul
RR-28808 Architect - Product Development Advanced Java, Core Java, JUnit, Database design, database architecture, Analytics, OOPS, Spring, Spring.DAO Framework Bangalore Campus
RR-28951 Architect - Product Development Java, AWS Gurgaon
RR-28215 Architect graphics development C / C++ Nizhny Novgorod
RR-28809 Associate Director - Product Development Advanced Java, Core Java, Analytics , DataBase, Database Modeling and Architecrure Bangalore Campus
RR-26308 Automation Development Engineer (Python) Linux, Python Lodz
NR-7908 BCM Integration Automotive, Data Integration, embedded C/C++. Bangalore Campus
NR-8071 BCM Validation_Software Developer Embedded, Automotive, C / C++ Bangalore Campus
RR-29276 C++ Developer C++ Nizhny Novgorod
RR-29198 C++/QT Developer C++, QT Nizhny Novgorod
RR-28840 Customer Delivery Lead Program Management Bangalore Campus
RR-27782 Defect Manager Development Lodz
RR-28385 Development Lead/ Integration Lead API, Core Java Bangalore Campus
RR-28384 Development Lead/Integration Lead API, Core Java Bangalore Campus
RR-28383 Development Lead/Integration Lead API, Core Java Bangalore Campus
RR-28726 DevOps Linux Chengdu
RR-28695 DevOps Architect IT operations exp Bangalore Campus
RR-28728 DevOps Project Lead Build Engineer Bangalore Campus
NR-8044 DSP Project Leads and Developers ADSP, DSP, ARM/DSP promgramming Bangalore Campus
RR-27296 Field Application Server Java Lodz
NR-8066 GM_HMI Developer Java, Android Bangalore Campus
RR-28213 Graphics engineer C / C++ Nizhny Novgorod
RR-28443 Graphics engineer C / C++ Nizhny Novgorod
RR-28442 Graphics engineer C / C++ Nizhny Novgorod
NR-7903 IPC Development ( AUTOSAR Config) Automotive, embedded C/C++. Bangalore Campus
NR-7906 IPC Validation (Testing) Automotive, Testing, embedded C/C++. Bangalore Campus
RR-28950 Lead Engineer - Product Development Java, AWS Gurgaon
RR-28682 Lead Product Test Engineer Embedded Bangalore Campus
RR-29056 Network Engineer Networking Bangalore - Whitefield SEZ
RR-28386 Principal Engineer/Requirements Integration Lead Core Java, Requirement Management, Requirement to Technical Desig Bangalore Campus
NR-8043 Project Leads and Developers CppUnit, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors Bangalore Campus
RR-28565 Salesforce Developer Web Development Lodz
RR-28964 Senior Architect Architecture Development Nizhny Novgorod
RR-28689 Senior Architect - Product Engineering Advanced Java, Core Java, AWS Gurgaon
NR-8016 Senior Engineer C#, C# WINFORMS, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Bangalore - Manyata SEZ
NR-8143 Senior Engineer Verilog Seoul
RR-28214 Senior graphics engineer C / C++ Nizhny Novgorod
RR-26370 Senior S/w Engineer Java / J2EE, Spring MVC framework Bangalore - Manyata SEZ
RR-28566 Senior Salesforce Developer SQL, Salesforce functional/technical, Web Development Lodz
RR-28568 senior sconsultant SAS, SQL, PL Sql Bangalore Campus
RR-29088 Senior Security Engineer Security and Vulnerability, information security Bangalore Campus
RR-29080 Senior Software Engineer Android, Automotive Domain skills Novi
RR-26129 Senior Software Engineer for Audio project embedded C/C++. Lodz
RR-28875 Senior Solution Business Intelligence Specialist SAP BW Lodz
RR-29215 Senior SW Engineer C#, C++, English Speaking Nizhny Novgorod
RR-28738 Senior WPF Developer C#, SQL Server, OOPS, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Bangalore Campus
RR-27650 Software Engineer (C/C++, DSP) - for Audio project ARM/DSP promgramming, embedded C/C++. Lodz
RR-28633 Sr Backend Developer Spring MVC framework Nizhny Novgorod
RR-28543 Sr Test Engineer Manual Testing Bangalore - Manyata SEZ
RR-27229 Sr. Engineer C++, QT Pune
RR-28724 Sr. Machine learning engineer Learning Solutions Nizhny Novgorod
NR-8074 SW Architect Embedded Linux Bangalore - Whitefield SEZ
NR-8033 System Requirement Engineers Requirement Management, Requirement Analysis Bangalore Campus
RR-28734 Tech Lead / Architect Designing, Java, Env deploy, Big Data, AWS Bangalore Campus
NR-8017 Technical Lead C#, C# WINFORMS, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Bangalore - Manyata SEZ