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Job Code Position Title Mandatory Skills Job Location
RR-19196 Android J5 Audio for GM, CPM NA DSP, C / C++ Bangalore Campus
RR-20592 Full Stack Developer Advanced Java, Core Java, UI Development Bangalore Campus
RR-20591 Full Stack Lead - Java+UI Advanced Java, Core Java, UI Development Bangalore Campus
RR-19905 GM: Android Audio Android, C/C++ Bangalore Campus
RR-20702 GM: Android Kernel Developer Linux Kernel Programming, Android, C/C++ Bangalore Campus
RR-20693 GM: Media - Android Framework, JAVA, JNI Actuate, JNI, Media , Framework, Android Bangalore Campus
RR-20695 GM: Navigation C++ C++ Bangalore Campus
RR-20691 GM:Connectivity Android Frame Java, JNI, Framework, Android, C/C++ Bangalore Campus
RR-20700 GM:Voice Recognition Developer Java, Framework, Android Bangalore Campus
RR-19757 Senior Product Engineer Storage & Backup, Perl/Shell scripting, QA Pune
RR-19593 Solution Designer Designing, Telecom Pune
NR-5176 VP Modelling Engineer ASIC/FPGA Bangalore Campus