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Job Code Position Title Mandatory Skills Job Location
NR-5712 Android Low/Mid Level Developer Android Nizhny Novgorod
NR-5943 C++ Data Model Engineer C++, Python Nizhny Novgorod
RR-22950 Embedded/C Software Engineer C / C++ Lodz
RR-22782 Linux/Windows System Administrator Linux, Apache Paris
RR-22871 Mobile Architect Mobile App Nizhny Novgorod
RR-22872 Mobile Developer Mobile App Nizhny Novgorod
RR-23435 Principal Architect Embedded Linux Novi
RR-22775 Principal C/C++ SW Developer C++, Linux, English Speaking Nizhny Novgorod
RR-22516 Principal Engineer C++ Lodz
RR-22431 Principal Software Engineer C++, QT Nizhny Novgorod
RR-22366 Principal SW engineer Linux, C/C++ Nizhny Novgorod
RR-22364 Principal SW engineer Linux, C/C++ Nizhny Novgorod
RR-22430 Qt/QML Developer C++, QT Nizhny Novgorod
RR-23411 Senior Engineer Mobile App Development Novi
RR-23574 Senior Principle Product Engineer Embedded Novi
RR-23412 Senior Software Engineer Mobile App Development Novi
RR-22447 senior software engineer Web driver Test Automation Lodz
RR-22096 Senior Software Engineer Advanced Java Lodz
RR-22836 Software Engineer JavaScript Lodz
RR-23422 Software Engineer C#.Net Lodz
RR-23258 Software engineer C++, Linux Lodz
RR-22589 Sr. Test Engineer Automation, White box testing Nizhny Novgorod
RR-23618 Sr.SW Engineer C# Nizhny Novgorod
RR-22936 SW Integrator System Integration Lodz
RR-23302 Technical Lead Product Design California North
RR-23135 Web Application Developer Web Technologies, Sharepoint, HTML/CSS, XHTML/CSS/jQuery Nizhny Novgorod