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Job Code Position Title Mandatory Skills Job Location
NR-7667 1S Senior Сonsultant ERP Nizhny Novgorod
RR-27511 4G/5G System Test Engineer 3G Kansas City
RR-27021 AI Domain Expert Python Nizhny Novgorod
RR-27753 Architect SystemC Seoul
RR-27160 Architect SOC verification Verilog Seoul
NR-7408 ASIC Physical Design Engineer Verilog Seoul
RR-27027 Associate SW Engineer Python Nizhny Novgorod
RR-27399 Audio IVI Lead Audio Streaming, Audio Video, Audio/Video System development Bangalore Campus
RR-27439 Backend Architect Spring MVC framework Nizhny Novgorod
RR-27437 Backend Architect Spring MVC framework Nizhny Novgorod
RR-27436 Backend Architect Spring MVC framework Nizhny Novgorod
RR-27346 C Developer Linux, C/C++ Hod HaSharon
RR-27025 C++ Developer AI - Senior SW Engineer C++ Nizhny Novgorod
RR-26056 C/C++ VoIP Developer - Senior SW Engineer C++ Nizhny Novgorod
RR-27022 Data Scientist Python Nizhny Novgorod
RR-25450 Devops Engineer Python, Ruby, Unix/Linux Administration, AWS Bangalore - Manyata SEZ
NR-7697 Devops Engineer Build Engineer, GIT Bangalore Campus
RR-27295 Field Application Engineer Java Lodz
RR-27023 Frontend Developer AI - Senior SW Engineer JAVA Script Packages Nizhny Novgorod
RR-27594 GMIndia-AUTOSAR Config-Software Developer Automotive Engineer, Debugging, embedded C/C++., Scripting language (Perl Bangalore Campus
RR-27521 Junior Software Engineer ARM/DSP promgramming, embedded C/C++. Lodz
RR-27226 Lead Consultant Testing Seoul
RR-27516 lead engineer Linux Device Drivers Bangalore Campus
RR-27037 MCU Developer µ Processor, CppUnit, C / C++, Dev on Embedded Linux, embedded C/C++. Bangalore Campus
RR-26812 Navigation Test Engineer Automotive Engineer Bangalore - Whitefield SEZ
RR-27704 Product Development Lead Product development Novi
RR-27167 Product Manager Embedded, Automotive, Testing Bangalore Campus
RR-27019 Project Manager AI Management Nizhny Novgorod
RR-26903 Qt/QML Developer - Senior SW Engineer 3D Graphics, GIT, QT Nizhny Novgorod
NR-7796 Senior Architect Verilog Seoul
NR-7171 Senior engineer Development Chengdu
NR-7797 Senior Engineers Verilog Seoul
RR-27444 Senior Firmware Engineer ARM, Linux RTOS Nizhny Novgorod
RR-27624 Senior IT Administrator windows server admin, End User workspace Seattle
RR-27357 Senior Java Developer Java Lodz
RR-27438 Senior Java Engineer Spring MVC framework Nizhny Novgorod
RR-26975 Senior Manager Sales Automotive Bochum
NR-7766 Senior product engineer Android Bangalore Campus
NR-7694 Senior Program Manager Project Management Bangalore Campus
RR-26607 Senior Software Engineer Embedded, C/C++ Lodz
RR-26291 Senior Software Engineer - for Audio project embedded C/C++. Lodz
RR-27219 senior support engineer Java, Linux, AWS Bangalore Campus
NR-7748 SeniorSoftwareEngineer-AndroidHMI-HarmanIDC_Androi Java, Multithreading, C/C++ Bangalore Campus
RR-26716 SOC Verification Engineer Verilog Seoul
RR-26605 Software Engineer Embedded Linux, C / C++ Lodz
RR-27859 Software Engineer Development Lodz
RR-27650 Software Engineer (C/C++, DSP) ARM/DSP promgramming, embedded C/C++. Lodz
RR-26486 Software Engineering Development Lodz
RR-27227 Sr. Engineer Testing, Automotive Engineer, Automotive Domain skills, Functional Verification Pune
RR-27232 Sr. Engineer CAN, Embedded, Automotive Engineer Pune
RR-27229 Sr. Engineer C++, QT Pune
RR-25898 Sr.Engineer, Audio Rooting and processing C++ Chengdu
RR-26580 System Architect Dev on Embedded Linux, embedded C/C++. Bangalore Campus
RR-27406 System/Platform Lead BSP, Embedded Linux, Strong Linux kernel knowledge Bangalore Campus
RR-26238 Tech Lead UI Development Bangalore - Manyata SEZ
NR-6873 Tech Lead C#, C / C++ Seoul
RR-27480 Test Engineer Testing, Scripting Lodz
RR-27026 Test Engineer C++Test Nizhny Novgorod
NR-7528 Windows Driver Developer - Senior SW Engineer C++ Nizhny Novgorod