It's all connected! 


If you've been following CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show), the largest trade show for consumer electronics happening at Las Vegas this January, you'll notice that connected is the hottest trend in the market. It's connected cars, connected TVs, connected home appliances and a range of devices that are autonomously communicating with each other in our digital ecosystem. Yes, the Internet of Things has truly branded itself in every aspect of consumer technology. 


However, with the rampant growth of IoT led technology, there is a consistent threat of digital and data security that comes with it. Creating seamless and secure device integration are among the many needs of the hour and enterprises are consistently looking at means to amp their security measures. 


HARMAN and Entrust Datacard have entered a strategic partnership  to bring to market an Internet of Things (IoT) security offering that will help in Ensuring a Trusted Internet of Things and make future device integration seamless and secure. Built in trust anchors during manufacturing, along with device information, can be operationalized when devices are added onto a network — or when the infrastructure is ready to take advantage of the security and data capabilities built into the device.


If you want to know more about this partnership or how Entrust Datacard and HARMAN are creating a secure IoT world for you, you can read it on Entrust Datacard's blog here