Position MBRDI_AutosarDeveloper
Location Bangalore Campus
Mandatory Skills Embedded, MATLAB, C/C++
Experience 3.00 - 5.00 Years

Job Specification –Model Based Development and Testing Autosar SWC

Education & Training:


Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Electrical & Electronics

Relevant Experience Required:

4+ years of experience

The ideal candidate should have strong background in Model based development with relevant experience architecting and design models in MATLAB, optimization and target code generation using TargetLink. Candidate should be able to analyse requirements, breakdown work packages, and estimate effort and track progress for other team members. Good experience with requirements management. The candidate should be able to understand and analyse complex automotive software requirements. The candidate should also have relevant experience deriving test strategy and specification from the requirements. It is also expected that the candidate can execute the test cases, generate reports and continuously automate work activities using tools and basic scripting.


Skill Requirements:


  1. 4+ yrs. experience in MATLAB, Target Link, state flow, TPT, MXAM
  2. C Programming, Autosar BSW Knowledge, Vector Davinci tools experience.
  3. Knowledge of V-Model Development Cycle.
  4. Working knowledge of ASPICE Quality Process, ASIL, Autosar Development and Test Methodology
  5. Demonstrated experience in requirements management.
    1. Experience in handling requirements of multiple version for multiple cars simultaneously
    2. Traceability of multiple requirement version for multiple cars simultaneously. Requirement lifecycle management.
  6. Expert in model architecture, design and model Optimization, Model Variant Management
  7. Expert in code generation optimization using TargetLink
  8. Using Code generation features like Modules, Functions to make Reusable libraries and Unit testing them, Model Referencing, Incremental Code Generation,  bus objects
  9. Design Models from Requirements: Modular, Unit Testable, Reusable, Replaceable, Scalable.
  10. Embedded C language and Target Link mScripts
  11. MAAB Guidelines, MXAM, MXRAY
  12. PVCS/SVN/MKS version manager
  13. Requirement Traceability till generated Code.
  14. Expert at creating test strategy and test plans
  15. Experience working with TPT for testing with requirement management.
  16. Experience using TPT Requirement traceability till TestCase, TestSteps.
  17. Good mathematical, analytical and communication skills.
  18. Highly self-motivated with a passion for innovation.



Additional Skills (nice to have):

  1. Experience with google test framework
  2. Experience working with Daimler Functional Modelling Toolchain
  3. Working knowledge in CAN and CAPL Scripting
  4. Target Debugging Experience, Trace32 Scripting,


Job Responsibilities:


  1. Creation of High level design and Low level design for Model Based development
  2. Deriving Test Strategy and Test specification from Requirements
  3. Develop and Test requirements using targetlink
  4. Generate Code and Optimise code
  5. Decompose Target link models to Generate Code Incrementally
  6. Decompose Target link models to enable team to work in Parallel
  7. Develop Test Cases using TPT
  8. Auto Test Case generation.
  9. Generate MCDC, Code Coverage reports.
  10. Debug and Reproduce Field issues reported.