A fundamental shift in individual mobility behavior is occurring due to ever-changing consumer preferences, tightening regulations, and technological breakthroughs. This shift will expand automotive revenue creation options with new business models such as car-sharing, ride-sharing, analytics, data monetization.  It is being driven by new trends in shared mobility, connectivity services, autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems, electric vehicles and feature upgrades. Such trends are also encouraging new players to enter the automotive market with innovative products and services. To enhance the driving experience for all its customers, the automotive industry is embracing the disruptively changing technology in the market. 


HARMAN Connected Services (HCS) drives digital transformation in the connected world for industries and enterprises of all sizes. This is achieved through our award-winning cloud platform, HARMAN Ignite, and best-of-class mobility and machine learning solutions. HCS enables automakers, auto suppliers and fleet owners to develop, deploy and manage secure and reliable connected vehicle services. This is done by providing frameworks, products and services to conceptualize, build, integrate, monetize and manage a connected vehicle ecosystem. HCS embraces automotive ecosystem participant’s vision of their connected vehicle programs and helps them to quickly achieve their current goals and strategies to realize their vision.


End-to-end Solutions for the Connected Vehicle

HARMAN Ignite Platform

HARMAN Ignite Platform

Develop, manage and operate in-vehicle applications and connected services
The HARMAN Ignite Platform is a complete, end-to-end cloud platform which enables connectivity, device management, application enablement, analytics and managed services capabilities. It allows automakers, dealers and service providers to introduce, easily deploy and manage new cloud applications and services meeting the safety, convenience, information, and entertainment needs of customers around the world. 
The HARMAN Ignite Platform provides the security, flexibility, scalability, manageability and reliability that the auto ecosystem actors demand to ensure success of their connected car services and applications today and tomorrow. The platform supports numerous traditional and emerging connected car use cases. It is both scalable and modular enabling OEMs to initially purchase a solution -- and through their partnership with HARMAN -- build on that core base with additional services and capacity as needed.

Remote Vehicle Updating Services (OTA)

Remote Vehicle Updating Services (OTA)

A reliable, convenient, secure and economical way to update vehicle software
HARMAN Remote Vehicle Updating Service (OTA) enables car manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers to adapt to an evolving market landscape by securely managing all in-vehicle software components, including firmware, applications, configurations, settings and maps on head units, TCUs (Telematics Control Units) and ECUs (Electronic Control Units); anywhere and at any time – whether on the production line, at dealer lots or on car owners’ driveways. 
The service helps auto OEMs and suppliers to capitalize on the full business potential of connected cars by enhancing driver experience with rapid deployment of value-added in-car services, minimizing costs through improved efficiency and a reduction in recalls.
Patented Smart delta technology from HARMAN enables device manufacturers to deliver the latest software updates remotely and over the air via the smallest possible payloads. 

Automotive Engineering Services

Automotive Engineering Services

Providing quality Automotive Engineering Services to OEMs and Suppliers
Consumer demand for advanced connectivity features is strongly influencing innovation and is changing the shape of the Automotive Industry. Automakers have traditionally focused on the mechanical components within the vehicle and not necessarily the software and/or connectivity features. With the new demand for innovation in connectivity, infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems and more, automakers and auto suppliers must build new expertise in electronics and software in the automobile.
HARMAN offers Automotive Engineering Services to global automotive ecosystem participants to develop connected car solutions and services and address these complex business challenges. HARMAN supports an OEM or Supplier whether they choose to lay the foundation and build capabilities in-house or partner with a third party to offer more integrated services to their consumers.

HARMAN Aftermarket Connected Automotive Products

HARMAN Aftermarket Connected Automotive Products

Adding State of the Art Technology into vehicles in operation 
Pilot programs in autonomous driving, Big data analytics, the Internet of things are redefining how users interact with their vehicles. These developments are also creating opportunities for innovative business models, services and products. Thus, today’s new vehicles offer features such as driver assist, lane departure warnings, blind spot coverage, infotainment centers, vehicle tracking, back-up camera and many more. However, not everyone has the means or intention to buy a new vehicle. Sometimes, consumers have a strong affinity for an older model vehicle and don’t want to replace it with a newer vehicle for some reason. At the same time, they would like to enjoy the benefits delivered by connectivity. 
HARMAN Aftermarket Connected Automotive Products are add-ons accessories that are sold at automotive dealerships and/or retail outlets for use on vehicles in operations without connectivity features. These products offer comfort, convenience, performance, safety and customization to the drivers and vehicle owners. 




  • Faster Time-to-Market

    Shorten your time from concept to delivery using our best practices, turn-key delivery models and experienced talent pool.

  • Cross-platform

    Take advantage of our experience in multiple industry verticals and leading platforms to rapidly exploit new market opportunities.

  • Global Delivery Footprint

    Based in 12 countries, our network of automotive solutions centers equipped with skilled and experience talent pool gives you an unparalleled body of industry knowledge and expertise.

  • Solution Accelerators

    Get access to leading edge innovation and best practices by using our solution accelerators and global pool of partnerships.

  • Global Partner Network

    Access to a global network of partners, suppliers and service providers.


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