Adding State of the Art Technology to vehicles in operation

Numerous societal and technological trends are driving digital transformation in the automotive industry. Pilot programs in autonomous driving, big data analytics, and the movement toward “Internet of Things” are redefining how users interact with their vehicles. These developments are also creating opportunities for innovative business models, services and products. Today, cars offer features such as advanced driver-assistance systems, lane departure warnings, blind spot detection, infotainment centers, vehicle tracking, back-up cameras and more.
Not every vehicle is connected today. Many consumers without connected cars would like to enjoy the benefits delivered by connectivity. Innovative services provided to the consumer such as telematics and mobility services offer additional insight while new revenue streams for automotive OEMs and dealers.
HARMAN offers products that can act as add-ons after the original sale of the vehicle offering comfort, convenience, performance, safety, and customization to the drivers and vehicle owners powered by ubiquitous connectivity. Value-added services that can be offered to consumers using Advance Market Products for automotive include but not limited to:

  • Tracking a vehicle location
  • Monitoring Driver behavior
  • Recording important events while driving
  • Obtaining remote vehicle diagnostics and alerts
  • Managing a fleet of vehicles
  • Tracking Services performed on a vehicle
  • Promoting Predictive Maintenance 
  • Broadcasting location-based offers and services to a vehicle
  • Providing Vehicle Navigating Services
  • Making calls, sending text messages, and playing the driver’s favorite music


HARMAN Smart/Auto: Telematics Application Gateway Device

Advanced Technology for Driving Connected

Statista reports that connected car penetration, currently at 8.2%, is expected to reach 23.2% by 2023. HARMAN Smart/Auto: Telematics Application Gateway Device solution is designed to enable connectivity to vehicles that are currently not connected. The solution comprises of a dongle that plugs into the OBD-II port of a car along with corresponding mobile and web applications. It instantly enables media connectivity, vehicle tracking, vehicle diagnostics and real-time analytics. It is compatible with most cars manufactured in 1996 or later. Carriers and OEMs can seamlessly access the data from the vehicle and the customer to broaden their services portfolio. 


HARMAN Smart/Auto: Connected Head Unit eXperience

Safe, Smart and Connected Driving - Enabled

In order to enjoy the connected car benefits and features, a consumer does not need to wait until it’s time to acquire a new vehicle. The HARMAN Smart/Auto: Connected Head Unit eXperience enables automotive OEMs to quickly offer the latest technology in Infotainment to the owners of their vehicles. Based on an Android platform and equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, HARMAN’s solution can support multiple display sizes starting from 7-inches to 10-inches. It supports On-Board Navigation, Voice Assistance as well as Waze navigation. It also supports Rear Seat Entertainment and CAN controller to access various vehicle functionalities.

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HARMAN Smart/Auto: Wireless Charging Module (WCM)

Charging Smartphone Batteries While On The Go

The HARMAN Smart/Auto: Wireless Charging Module (WCM) helps Automotive OEMs to integrate the latest Qi-compliant charging technology enabling in-vehicle wireless smartphone charging for their customers. It is compliant with automotive safety, security, environment and regulatory requirements. The wireless charging tray is installed in the center console box and can be used by simply placing the device in the phone holder to start charging it. An advanced Foreign Object Detection (FOD) feature reliably prevents transmitting power to any non-Qi-compliant object such as coins, paper clips, pieces of foils, wrappers and more.

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HARMAN Smart/Auto: Connected Automotive Dashcam

A Companion and an Eye-Witness to Your Drive

The HARMAN Smart/Auto: Connected Automotive Dashcam is a useful Connected Smart Vehicle accessory. It is connected to the HARMAN Smart/Auto: Telematics Application Gateway Device via Wi-Fi. The Dashcam is an onboard camera for both the front view as well as the driver view and enables remote vehicle surveillance features. Simply plug it in and drive with confidence. HARMAN's solution is continually recording and automatically saving footage if an incident occurs. It offers voice control, contextual alerts and more. Select models that are auto-grade also support mobile app display to control/setup device, radar-based parking mode and ultra-low power consumption while complying to Automotive EMI/EMC standards. 

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