Adding State of the Art Technology to vehicles in operation

Digitalization and numerous societal and technological trends are driving transformation in the automotive industry. Pilot programs in autonomous driving, Big data analytics, and the movement toward “Internet of things” are redefining how users interact with their vehicles. These developments are also creating opportunities for innovative business models, services and products. Thus, modern cars offer features such as driving assist, lane departure warnings, blind spot coverage, infotainment centers, vehicle tracking, back-up camera and more. 
However, not everyone has the means or intention to buy a new vehicle. Sometimes, consumers have a strong affinity for an older model vehicle and don’t want to replace it with a newer vehicle for some reason. At the same time, they would like to enjoy the benefits delivered by connectivity.  Innovative services such as telematics and mobility service bundles offer additional opportunities to automotive OEMs and dealers to generate business and revenue improvements and account for a growing share of the market. 
HARMAN developed products that can act as add-ons after the original sale of the vehicle offering comfort, convenience, performance, safety, and customization to the drivers and vehicle owners powered by ubiquitous connectivity. Value added services that can be offered to consumers using Advance Market Products for automotive include but not limited to:

  • Track a driver
  • Monitoring Driver behavior
  • Evaluating Driver health conditions
  • Obtaining Remote Vehicle diagnostics and alerts
  • Managing a fleet of vehicles
  • Tracking Services performed on a vehicle
  • Promoting Predictive Maintenance 
  • Broadcasting location-based offers and services to a vehicle
  • Providing Vehicle Navigating Services
  • Making calls, sending text messages, and playing the driver’s favorite music
  • Preventing Driver distraction


HARMAN SmartAuto

Allows any vehicle to instantly become a smart and connected one
The HARMAN SmartAuto is an aftermarket telematics device that solves this connectivity challenge. This device plugs into the OBD-II port of any car and instantly enables media connectivity, vehicle tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and real-time enterprise analytics applications. The device is compatible with most cars manufactured in 1996 or later. Carriers and OEMs can seamlessly access the data to broaden their services portfolio. The device has an embedded GPS, Accelerometer and Gyroscope to support innovative services such as vehicle tracking, driver behavior and geo-fencing. 



Drive Safe. Drive Smart. Drive Connected.
Consumers without the latest connectivity enabled vehicles have a desire to access today’s features in their older vehicles. In order to meet the demands of such consumers, HARMAN offers a touch-screen aftermarket head-unit that allows the consumer to add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for increased connectivity in the vehicle. 
The JBL Legend CP100 in-dash smart phone receiver from HARMAN upgrades your 2-DIN system to a 6.75” touch screen connected car experience. It is Bluetooth enabled, has a rear camera input, is steering wheel interface ready and provides turn-by-turn navigation through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.