Connected Car Infotainment and Telematics Services will account for 98 percent of M2M data traffic by 2021, according to Juniper Research. New in-vehicle infotainment services such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will generate large amounts of new cellular M2M data traffic. Large telecom operators such as AT&T, Vodafone, Sprint, Verizon and Deutsche Telekom have set up dedicated practices to support automotive OEMs in the development of connected car solutions for the global market. Strong revenue producing models coupled with driver retention are increasing the adoption rates of commercial telematics solutions.


EY predicts that the latest stage in the evolution of Telematics, Telematics 4.0 will be more about collaboration and cooperation among the ecosystem providers. They would work towards building an integrated offering that not only takes car online but turns telematics services into a way to gain a sizeable share of mobility beyond the car. Telecom operators will have an opportunity to claim the only hours in the day still largely out of reach of broadband. This creates additional usage of their networks and more revenue.

Challenges to be addressed by Mobile network operators

  • Bandwidth and Billing

    Work through a wide variety of bandwidth and billing challenges, particularly in delivering a seamless mobility experience.

  • Pricing plans

    Deliver pricing plans that prevent cannibalization of existing customer smartphone

  • Network security

    Focus on network security for vehicle-related data

  • Organizational transformation

    Mobile network operators need to transform their organizational structure to have dedicated teams to focus on automotive as a key sector

  • Telematics Service platforms

    Robust Telematics service platforms to offer services either directly to the end customers or in collaboration with automakers

  • Big Data

    Leverage data collection/mining capabilities to support automakers

Launch your branded connected car services quickly and efficiently

The connected car program can quickly turn into a major revenue contributor to the wireless carriers across the world.


HARMAN provides an end-to-end solution to enable Telecom operators supply innovative connected car Advance Marketing Products for their customers. The solution would include Telematics devices, a software platform and corresponding mobile applications. HARMAN enables the operators to sell the product/solution via multiple channels including company operated retail stores, online stores and more. 


Carriers and OEMs can access vehicle data and broaden their services. The telematics platform delivers the necessary data and analytics to better understand the customer and his/her needs for products, services and vehicle repair. It provides the security, manageability and reliability to ensure the success of connected car services and applications. It also enables automotive enterprises to engage with their customers efficiently to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

Improving the top-line and bottom-line of Telecom operator

HARMAN Telematics platform - Features and Benefits

Secure High Performance OBD-II Hardware Platform

In-vehicle OBD Telematics device

Award-winning Automotive Cloud platform

Backend cloud application platform software. Cloud hosting on Amazon Web Services providing best in class

Class Leading Web & Mobile Digital Experiences

Help develop corresponding Mobile and Web applications

World-class Data center Operations with L2 & L3 support

Professional services for installation, commissioning, integration & managed operations. L2 and L3 Support for cloud infrastructure and application management and DevOps team based in US and India

Over-the-air updates

Best-in-class HARMAN Remote Vehicle Updating (OTA) service


Integrated HARMAN Cybersecurity solution to protect the vehicle and cloud platform against intrusion


Continuous mobile interoperability testing to minimize disruption to end-users

Data Analytics & Monetization

Opportunity to monetize data and analytics via Data Analytics platform

Easy integration

Integrate your existing client side and server side infrastructure easily

Device management

Add or remove devices from account and also see subscription status